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Important Announcement About the Gruveo Apps

Since last Tuesday, you have been able to enjoy group video, voice and screen sharing calls with Gruveo. (For more information about the group calling release, click here.) Today, we want to inform you about a big technical change associated with ​this release.

We are retiring support for all older versions of the Gruveo apps.

​Group calling is a Gruveo Pro feature that connects Gruveo users (both Pro and non-Pro) in calls with more than two participants. To be able to enjoy it, all call participants need to be using the Gruveo web application or version 4.0 or later of our mobile apps.

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Happy Birthday, Gruveo App for Android!

It feels like only a couple of months have passed by and yet here we are today, celebrating the first birthday of the Gruveo app for Android! Time flies, right? As proud parents, we are delighted by the success of our youngest app. It's been extremely useful to thousands of Gruveo users so far, helping them make easy video and voice calls on the go.

Gruveo video calling app for Android is celebrating its first birthday

And not just that! It's grown significantly and improved its stability and performance over the past year. Apart from the common Gruveo features we've been adding, the Android app has some of its own, too.

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Group Calling Is Now at Your Service

Gruveo group video calling is released.

We are proud to announce that group calling, the latest addition to the Gruveo Pro subscription, was released earlier today and is now fully at your service. Here are the details:

Gruveo can now connect up to eight people on a video, voice-only and screen sharing call. It doesn't matter what device the group call participants use because it works across platforms and devices. You can join a call from either one of the native Gruveo apps (for iOS or Android) or from the web application at Gruveo group calls can be established by joining an anonymous call room (previously known as anonymous Gruveo code)​ or using your registered Gruveo handle (direct Gruveo code).

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Here It Comes: Our Biggest News So Far!

We have some pretty awesome news for you today! Not just one announcement, but two. 
Are you ready?

Screen sharing is now free and available to all Gruveo users. There are no limitations to using screen sharing anymore. From now on, everybody can do online presentations, show software tutorials or discuss documents online in real time. It's effective immediately. This handy feature used to only be available to Gruveo Pro subscribers, but we decided to be generous and let the whole world take advantage of it. And one of the reasons we feel this way is because we have an even more souped-up feature lined up for Gruveo Pro subscribers.

And now for the other, even bigger, news.​..

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Gruveo Shuffle, the New Fun Experiment

Recently, with our new releases we have been concentrating on the Pro users. But we sure haven't forgotten the fun-loving Gruveo users, and today we bring you the Shuffle - an exciting new experiment that might remind you of an older idea that we've made Gruveo-perfect for you!


The Gruveo Shuffle feature connects you to random people all over the world over easy video calls. At this point in time, the Shuffle experiment is available to Android app users only.

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Gruveo Call Recording Is Now Available on iOS Too

A few weeks ago, we introduced the newest Gruveo Pro call recording (beta) feature for the Gruveo web and Android applications, promising to bring it to the iOS app soon. Today, we've released the call recording for the iOS app. There are no restrictions on recording your Gruveo calls anymore. You can now record all of them, and no longer need to worry about your contacts using an iOS device. 

Gruveo call recording for iOS is now available to all Gruveo Pro users.

Gruveo Pro users can now record their calls on iOS.

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5 Reasons Why Gruveo Call Quality Is So Great

Time and time again we hear our users rave about Gruveo call quality. We frequently hear questions like: "How can the Gruveo call quality be this awesome compared to other video calling providers?". Well, we feel it's time for us to explain ourselves 🙂

There are, in fact, five reasons why Gruveo quality is so great. Let's have a look at them one by one, shall we?

1. WebRTC​

​Gruveo is built upon WebRTC - a rapidly evolving open-source technology for realtime communications. Relying on WebRTC means that we can quickly bring you the latest technological advancements in the area of realtime voice and video.

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Gruveo for Schedule Once Integration

Because there are various online appointment scheduling systems and it's always great to have a choice, we're bringing you another awesome integration of Gruveo. This time, it's for an online scheduling system called Schedule Once.

The Gruveo for Schedule Once integration is a bit different than the previous ones, as it uses your unique direct Gruveo code instead of anonymous ones. It’s still very easy to set up, however, and even easier for your clients to use.

gruevo and schedule once integration

As a Gruveo user, you already know how simple it is to jump on a video or voice-only call with anyone in the world. With this integration, you give your clients an option to easily book, pay for and confirm their appointments on your personalized page. This upgrade will bring you more clients without additional scheduling work so you can concentrate on business.

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Direct Codes Are Now Visible on the Incoming Call Screen

As a direct Gruveo code user you may want the other person to see the code you're calling them from, just like with regular phone numbers. And because direct Gruveo codes work as such, we have added this functionality to all direct codes. We want you to see the direct code that's calling you and then be able to easily call it back. You no longer need to remember to share your direct Gruveo code during the call - it's automatically shown on the screen.

Direct Gruveo Code visible on the incoming call screen

The direct code calling you will be shown instead of the geographical location on the incoming call screen, and also in the missed call notification email (if you have turned it on).​ This means it is super easy to call the other user back after a missed call. This feature is now available for all direct Gruveo code users free of charge.

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Gruveo for Acuity Scheduling Integration

Another great integration is here for your convenience. Gruveo and Acuity Scheduling can make your life easier and win you more clients along the way.

Gruveo for Acuity Scheduling integration

As a Gruveo user, you are well aware the World's Easiest Video and Voice Calls are known for their simplicity and ease of use. This integration brings awesome Gruveo calls into personalized Acuity Scheduling pages that many businesses rely on with online booking of their services.

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