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How to Make Video Call Recordings with Popular Software

Thanks to its seemingly endless benefits, video calling is becoming more and more popular among business professionals. There are a few well-known apps that provide video calling and we’re pretty sure you’ve tried at least one or two.

Just as with everything in life, there are plenty of options when it comes to recording your video calls. Some are better, some worse, some work for bigger companies, and some are perfect for small teams. There are lots of tools, tips and tricks to make things easier and quicker. But how do you know which software or app is best for you and your company?​

Make video call recording using popular software

To help you out with the decision making, we’ve created this guide explaining how to make call recordings with Google Hangouts, Skype and other apps. We concentrate on the most popular video calling apps and outline how you can successfully record your video calls with them.​

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Did You Get Your Gruveo Button?

If you don't have your Gruveo button, you’re missing out on something awesome.

​Just to remind you: with the Gruveo button, people call you on your Gruveo @handle right from your website with one click on, well, the button.

Gruveo button for easy video calls from your website on your Gruveo @handle

We released this handy little button a couple of weeks ago, so if you have a Gruveo @handle and use it for business, you should have it up and running on your website by now.

​If you don't, then here's a Help Center article titled What Is The Gruveo Call Button? that covers everything about the button.

If getting your button has just slipped through the cracks of your busy business life, click here to get it now and start enjoying all the benefits it brings to other businesses.​

Remember—there is a comments section below for your thoughts and questions, so please don't hesitate to use it. You can “like” the article if you find it helpful, too.

If You Need Help with Group Calling…

... we have an article titled How to Make Group Calls with Gruveo ready for you in the Help Center that has the answers you are looking for.

Gruveo group video call on iPhone 6

You will find step-by-step guides covering how to make a Gruveo group call in a disposable call room, and by using a registered Gruveo @handle too.

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5 Reasons Why Gruveo Call Quality Is So Great

Time and time again we hear our users rave about Gruveo call quality. We frequently hear questions like: "How can the Gruveo call quality be this awesome compared to other video calling providers?". Well, we feel it's time for us to explain ourselves 🙂

There are, in fact, five reasons why Gruveo quality is so great. Let's have a look at them one by one, shall we?

1. WebRTC​

​Gruveo is built upon WebRTC - a rapidly evolving open-source technology for realtime communications. Relying on WebRTC means that we can quickly bring you the latest technological advancements in the area of realtime voice and video.

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Make Your Direct Code 10x More Useful with Call Notifications

Update October 14, 2016: Gruveo Instant Connect for Chrome now makes browser call notifications even more prominent by making them work in the background as well as adding a proper ringing sound to them.

Direct Gruveo codes are like phone numbers, just a whole lot better. With a direct code, you can receive incoming video and voice calls from anyone without them having to install software or create an account. Tell a customer to enter your @code on Gruveo or go to, and there you are, receiving that as an incoming call.

For direct codes to be truly useful, you need to know when the other party is calling you without keeping the Gruveo tab (or the Gruveo app) open. That’s where our handy incoming call notifications come in. You can enable them in your browser on desktop and Android, or in our iOS app if you have an iPhone or an iPad.

Enabling Browser Notifications

Most modern browsers are capable of showing system notifications. Gruveo takes advantage of this to alert you of an incoming call on your direct code even if you don’t have the Gruveo tab open. Browser notifications work in the web version of Gruveo in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari (limited functionality) on desktop - as well as in Chrome, Firefox and Opera on Android. Continue reading