Your Gruveo Handle on Other Websites​

It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to be listed on review websites and various other portals. These, usually large, websites are where people go when they're looking for advice for a particular problem, a comparison of two or more competing products or services, or reviews of whatever they're planning to buy.

There are countless websites of this kind, and they cover pretty much every area of life and various types of goods. We're talking about TripAdvisor for hotels, Capterra and G2 Crowd for software, LegalMatch for attorneys, Zocdoc for doctors, etc. You get the idea.

Gruveo handle on other websites - G2 Crowd profile with Gruveo handleG2 Crowd profile with Gruveo handle

A section of a G2 Crowd profile with a Gruveo call link.

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The iOS SDK Is Released for a Complete Gruveo for Developers Package

Gruveo iOS SDK example video call on iPhone

Have you been looking for a simple way to quickly add video and voice calling into your website or your iOS and Android app? Haven't found the perfect solution?

We have great news for you today - Gruveo for Developers now covers all major platforms!

With the latest release of the iOS SDK, the package is now complete and ready to enable video calling on websites and apps around the world.

The new SDK lets you add a video chat screen to your iOS app and communicate with it using a simple API. The screen comes with all user-facing controls already in place and is the quickest way to add video and voice chat to your application.

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Our Android App Just Got an Arabic Translation

Great news for the Arabic world! With our latest version that was just released, you can use the Gruveo Android app in Arabic.

Gruveo Android app in Arabic on a phone

Even though Gruveo was blocked in the UAE in February, there are still many Arabic users who love using Gruveo, One Call Number For All Your Communications, and would love it even more in their native language. The Gruveo for Android app now offers this option.

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Your Gruveo Handle on Social Media

In this article, we'll talk about where and how you can publish your Gruveo handle on your social media. Social media platforms are huge and you know it. Pretty much everybody is using at least one so why not take advantage of this!

The first option is to include your @handle or, even better, your Gruveo call link in the description of your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. These are the more traditional social media platforms, but no matter what you use, you can put your handle/call link into the About section.

Gruveo for Business - your handle on your social media - Facebook About section

Your Gruveo call link in your About section on Facebook.

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Put Your Gruveo Handle on Your Business Card

This article continues where the previous one left off. Another place your Gruveo handle should be presented is on your business card—for all the same reasons laid out in the last article about including your Gruveo handle in your email signature.

Gruveo handle on your business card - video appointments conferencing

A Gruveo handle on a business card.

We'd like to add one crucial psychological point that many professionals don't think about.

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Why Put Your Gruveo Handle in Your Email Signature

After adding your Gruveo handle on your website, we recommend next including it in your email signature. This might seem like the obvious choice to you, and maybe you already have it there. If you do, thumbs up from us 🙂

But many business professionals still think about their email signature as a place for "traditional" contact information. If this sounds like you, you probably keep your Gruveo handle as a secret "weapon" for cases when call recording or screen sharing is needed. And for all your other "normal" calls, you'll use your phone number.

Gruveo for Business series - your Gruveo handle in email signature

An email signature with a Gruveo handle linkified with a Gruveo call link that will start a call when clicked on.

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The Call Button Plugin for WordPress Is Here

If you run a WordPress website, you'll be very excited to learn that supercharging it with a Gruveo call button is now easier than ever. With our new Gruveo Call Button plugin, adding the button to your WordPress site is now a simple matter of a couple of clicks — no HTML copying and pasting required!

With a Gruveo call button, your website visitors call you on your Gruveo handle with voice and video without having to leave your site. Callers don't need their own accounts, and the service works in all major browsers without installs.

Gruveo WordPress plugin example

An example of how the Gruveo call button and the popup window look on a website.

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Your Gruveo Handle on Your Website

One of the most useful features Gruveo offers is undoubtedly the Gruveo handle (also known as a direct Gruveo code)—a registered Gruveo call room that's unique to you and works like a phone number, but more awesome. If you don't have your handle yet, go register one now! They're completely free.

If you've registered a Gruveo handle for your business, you've probably done so to make yourself more reachable to your clients, business partners and other parties. But for them to call you on Gruveo, you need to let them know that you have a handle in the first place, right?

There are many creative ways to let the world know about your Gruveo handle so let's take a more detailed look at them. As the title suggests, in this article we'll talk about having your Gruveo handle on your website.

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How Hentsū Created a Transcontinental Office Portal with Gruveo

Hentsū is a technology startup providing services to asset management and hedge fund clients. The firm focuses on applying technology solutions to the asset management industry.

Gruveo and Hentsu case study - Hentsu logo

Hentsū has built a transcontinental office portal with Gruveo, and we've asked the firm’s Marketing Manager, Christine Johnson, to tell us more about it.

Christine explained that it all began when Hentsū expanded to two offices in different countries and felt the need to connect the London and New York locations. After searching and trying out various other platforms, they decided to use Gruveo.

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Reminder: Gruveo Embed API Graduates from Beta on August 14

Dear developers, we want to remind you that our Embed API is graduating from Beta on August 14, 2017. If you have been using the Gruveo Embed API since its early beta days and you only have an API secret without a corresponding client ID, you need to take action now!

First, you need to contact our Sales team as soon as possible. They will provide you with a client ID and a new API secret that will ensure your continued access to the API.

Second, you will need to update your code to use the current API authentication scheme. Please see Accessing Extended Mode in the developer documentation for details.

Please make sure to request your API client ID to be able to use the Embed API beyond August 14, 2017.

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