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Although Gruveo works in all major browsers without the need for a download, the apps and extensions listed below help make your Gruveo experience even better. We've gathered all of the Gruveo apps and extensions​ on this page for your convenience. 

Gruveo apps and extensions - Gruveo's iPhone app lets you use all the features of Gruveo while on the go.

Gruveo App for iOS

Gruveo's iOS app works on iPhone and iPad, giving you access to all of the powerful features of Gruveo while out and about. Never miss a call or the opportunity for personal sales and collaboration again. Calls on your Gruveo link ring through to your iOS device, enabling you to answer them with video or with standard audio.  

  • Full-featured Gruveo experience on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • Uses the device's front or back camera for video on the go

Gruveo App for Android

Get the best of Gruveo on your Android device. The Gruveo app gives you access to all of the full features of Gruveo that you've come to love on desktop – even while out of the home or office. If you have the Gruveo Android app installed, calls on your Gruveo link will ring straight through to your mobile device, ensuring you'll never miss the chance to connect with an important business opportunity while on the go.

  • Full-featured Gruveo experience on your Android phone or tablet
  • Uses the device's front or back camera for video on the go

Gruveo Instant Connect

Gruveo Instant Connect is a browser extension that lets you easily generate a call room link and send it to the other person for a quick video or voice call. With Gruveo Instant Connect, you can...

  • Generate a random call room link with one click
  • Automatically copy the link to share it with the other person​
  • Effortlessly add the call event to your calendar​
  • Insert the link into any text box, e.g. Facebook or your favorite messaging app
Gruveo apps and extensions - Gruveo instant connect extension