New Recording Layout, IP Blocking and Other New Features

Over the past several months, we continued to improve Gruveo and bring new features to the web and mobile apps. This post summarizes the awesome new functionality that we have recently rolled out.

The "Follow My Screen" Recording Layout

Prior to the arrival of the new layout, you've had an option of either maximizing the active speaker on your Gruveo recordings ("Maximized active speaker"), or presenting all of the participants' videos in titles of approximately the same size ("Tiled"). The new "Follow my screen" layout looks a lot like "Maximized active speaker" but it dynamically maximizes whatever participant you have maximized on your own screen during the call.

This new layout is ideal for when you'd like to record a screen sharing presentation delivered via Gruveo and want to ensure that your screen always stays maximized on the recording. Here is how to do it:

  1. Switch to the "Follow my screen" layout in your recording settings prior to the call
  2. During the call:

For as long as you have your own screen share maximized on your video call screen, it will be maximized on the recording, too.

Redirect to a Custom URL after a Gruveo Call

We have introduced the new optional endurl parameter to Gruveo call links that you can use to redirect the caller to a custom page after the call ends. Here is an example permanent link with this parameter:

When you customer clicks that link, they will be redirected to the Google website after the Gruveo call finishes. The endurl parameter works for permanent Gruveo links as well as room ones.

This new feature is perfect for the following use cases:

  • Redirecting your callers to a custom survey at the end of the call
  • Gruveo implementations in kiosks: Redirecting your callers back to the kiosk's start page after the Gruveo call finishes.

Close the Gruveo Button Pop-Up after the Call

We have added an option to the Call Button builder to automatically close the Gruveo pop-up after the call finishes. Check this box and paste the new HTML code on your page to have your Gruveo button pop-ups close by themselves:

The call button pop-up can now automatically close after the call.

Caller Blocking by IP Address

In addition to blocking unwanted callers by country, you can now block them by the IP address mask in the form of Head to your Caller Blocking page to specify the masks you wish to block:

You can now block unwanted callers by their IP address mask.

The Call Log page in your account now displays the masked IP addresses of the callers, too. Click a masked IP to go to the Caller Blocking page with that mask pre-populated for addition to the blocking list.

Call Queueing Support in the iOS App

The recently released version 6.4 of our iOS app adds support for call queueing. Just like in the web and Android versions of Gruveo, you get notified when a new caller joins the queue, can add the first caller in the queue to the current call, and more.

We hope you will enjoy these new Gruveo features! If you have any questions or need help using them, don't hesitate to drop us a line.