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Save your customers' time and increase satisfaction with the only video and voice conferencing solution you'll ever need.

Make secure video and voice calls on your favorite device.

High-Quality Video and Voice Calling
Don't settle for anything less than Gruveo's legendary video and voice quality. We make sure that your voice and video travel the least distance possible to reach the other party to ​provide minimum latency and crystal clear communication.

Call Encryption
All Gruveo calls are encrypted with industry-standard encryption. Wherever possible, data in one-on-one calls travels directly between the call participants using peer-to-peer technology.

Works Everywhere It Matters
​​Gruveo works right in the browser on computers, Android and i​OS, and our handy ​apps bring even better call experience on mobile.

​Invite customers to a conversation in a number of easy ways.​​​​

Your Own Magic Call Link
Let customers reach you for free with one tap on your magic Gruveo link. The video or voice call takes place right in the customer's browser, eliminating the need for installing new apps or creating an account.

Disposable Call Rooms
Setup quick, one-time Gruveo calls without revealing your permanent link. Anyone landing in the same call room joins the conversation. To create a call, simply come up with a room name and send the link to the participants.

Embeddable Call Button
Add a "call me" button to your website and let visitors call you on your Gruveo link with a single click, no installs or account needed.

Gruveo plugin for WordPress

Collaborate efficiently with enterprise-level features.

​No-Hassle Group Calling
​​Hold unlimited group conversations with up to 12 people on mobile and desktop. Participants can join voice-only, with video or with screen sharing enabled.

Easy Screen Sharing
​It has never been easier to run a software demo or a PowerPoint presentation for a customer. Click a button and share your whole screen or a single window in Gruveo.

HD Call Recording
​​Record your video, voice and screen sharing calls for compliance or for ​team member training. Recordings are available seconds after the call ends for viewing, downloading and sharing.

​Instant Text Chat
​​Share links and exchange text messages ​during your calls. ​Have chat history emailed to you ​at the end of each conversation so you don't lose that important link or piece of text.

Own your callers' experience.

Custom Branding
Let customers know they are in the right place by adding your logo and custom background to your call screen. Your custom branding remains visible to callers for the whole duration of their Gruveo call.

Extended Caller Info
See caller's location, referral website and device right on your incoming call screen. Increase your marketing ROI by knowing exactly which of your marketing efforts are paying off.

Text Mail
Can't answer that call right now? No problem – callers can leave their contact details and a message that will arrive straight to your email inbox.

​​Take your calls on the go with our mobile apps.

Take your calls on the go with our mobile apps

Take your Gruveo conversations on the go with our apps for iOS and Android. Receive incoming calls, join call rooms and record your interactions while out and about.

Gruveo app on App Store
Gruveo app on Google Play

​Don't see what you're looking for or have questions about our current features? ​Contact us.

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