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How Hentsū Created a Transcontinental Office Portal with Gruveo

Hentsū is a technology startup providing services to asset management and hedge fund clients. The firm focuses on applying technology solutions to the asset management industry.

Gruveo and Hentsu case study - Hentsu logo

Hentsū has built a transcontinental office portal with Gruveo, and we've asked the firm’s Marketing Manager, Christine Johnson, to tell us more about it.

Christine explained that it all began when Hentsū expanded to two offices in different countries and felt the need to connect the London and New York locations. After searching and trying out various other platforms, they decided to use Gruveo.

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How Renaissance Rentals Uses Gruveo for Live Property Video Tours

rritshomEric Dainton is the General Manager of Renaissance Rentals, a property management company based in Bloomington, Indiana. They own and manage around 750 apartments in the area, best known as home to one of the Big Ten schools, Indiana University.

One of Eric’s favorite roles within the company is marketing and finding ways to better reach prospective customers. Thanks to the company’s progressive and customer-focused nature they decided to launch a live video tour option. As many people viewing properties are unable to visit Bloomington before making a housing decision, it seemed the closest alternative to make prospective residents feel confident in their housing choice.

The search for an ideal video call solution took some time. Eric’s main consideration was that the application needed to be easy to use, something important for both staff and property viewers. Closely behind that was a universal solution, something that everyone could have access to. Eric said he considered many options including FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Skype, amongst others. However, in the end he found Gruveo to be the ideal solution for three key reasons:

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Gruveo Powers Student-to-Teacher Sessions at Livetutor

Livetutor logoLivetutor is the first company dedicated to offer online tutoring in Finland. Juha Ronkainen, Livetutor founder, came up with the idea while working in the UK as a teacher. Online tutoring is big business there and he saw a gap in the market for something similar in Finland.

Juha approached several existing firms with his idea. “Those who responded didn’t want to expand their service to Finland,” Juha says. “Finland is a relatively small market after all.” With encouragement from the co-founder of MyTutorWeb, one of the best British online tutoring companies, Juha decided to launch his own website.

I can’t think of an easier solution… I just embedded the code within our website.

One of the biggest challenges was choosing a video conferencing solution. Juha had very strict requirements and a tight budget. “Originally I was looking for a once-size-fits-all kind of a service, but none of the current solutions on the market satisfied me. Either the call quality was not good enough, or the platform was too limited,” remarked Juha.

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How HR Department at Goodwin Co. Uses Gruveo to Cut Costs and Improve Communication Efficiency

Gruveo case study - Goodwin Company logo

Gruveo Pro is the world’s easiest video conferencing solution for connecting with staff no matter where they are located or how tech-savvy they are. To see what Gruveo Pro can do for your business, sign up for a free 14-day trial and see yourself.

Gruveo’s primary benefits are:

  • Minimal hardware requirements
  • Freedom from installing software and creating profiles
  • Flexibility of use on all major web browsers
  • Installed on-premises so you can keep all of the data in your own controlled and guarded environment.

In the following case study, you’ll learn how Jason Woods, HR Director at Goodwin Company, and his team use Gruveo as a cost-effective and easy-to-use tool for intra-company communication.

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Dr. Diogo Medina: “Gruveo Saved My Life”

Last week, we received an email from a doctor in Lisbon, Portugal on how Gruveo embeds quite literally saved his reputation with patients. The email just blew our mind, and we are publishing it here with the author’s permission.

Dear Gruveo team,

My name is Diogo Medina, I am a medical doctor from Lisbon, Portugal, and I run an online medical consultation service in my specialty of Travel Health (“Consulta do Viajante” in Portuguese).

I started my online practice in April 2015, using an online booking platform embedded into my website. At the time the platform’s technical solutions promised to automatically handle bookings and payments for me, as well as to assign each appointment its own unique video chatroom, making it impossible for different patients to “walk into” each others’ consultations, or for them to contact me outside of previously scheduled appointments – as would happen in services that merely offered to give away Skype/Hangouts accounts.

However, yesterday I was shocked to find out that my platform had discontinued their proprietary private video chatroom feature, now only offering my clients either my Skype account or a link of my choosing. What is worse: I found out about this 30 minutes before my next scheduled video consultation with a patient!

First I panicked, immediately thinking about refunds and apologies – online services depend on reputation and word of mouth, and a single mishap such as this can ruin a business. However, I immediately googled “instant online video call” and came across your solution. I installed it on my website in a hurry (under, and prayed to all available gods for this to solve my problem and to just work – and it did.

I have configured my website and the emails patients receive with instructions on how to join the video consultation to say they should use their national health system Personal Identification Number as the code (a number only they have access to, and that they provide me when booking appointments), thus solving the “unique” video room requirement. Also, the fact that Gruveo hosts the video chat through SSL and won’t let a 3rd person peek into the conversation makes this a perfect solution to my very specific health care business needs.

So, to sum up: Congratulations on your service, and just thank you for existing. You saved my life. I look forward to witnessing Gruveo’s growth and hope I can use it for a long time.

Best regards,

Dr. Diogo Medina
Lisbon, Portugal

We are extremely proud to have helped Dr. Medina. You can add easy video calling to your site, too – all you have to do is request your embed code on this page and then add it to your page’s HTML. Try it right now!

Gruveo Helps Psychology Research at UC Berkeley

The Relationships and Social Cognition Lab (RASCL) at University of California, Berkeley studies the dynamics of intergroup relationships and how people can improve these relationships. Some of the lab’s research focuses on the ways in which people can decrease the anxiety they might experience when interacting with people from other groups. The lab’s researchers also focus on how trust and closeness contribute to positive intergroup outcomes.

RASCL have recruited online participants for survey studies before but with their current research, they wanted to take things one step further. “The research we are conducting focuses on interpersonal dynamics,” explains Dr. Jordan Leitner, a postdoctoral researcher at RASCL. “As such it was necessary to harness technology that would allow us to bring people together, even if through the Internet. Chatting with participants opens an array of possibilities that are impossible with survey methods.”

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Gruveo’s Anonymity a Big Win for Video Bookings at

Gruveo integration case study - logo

Gruveo is a perfect tool for anyone wishing to make a video call without becoming permanently accessible to the other person. Unlike other services where you add each other to “contacts,” others can only reach you on Gruveo if you explicitly agree on a call beforehand. One company to have recognized this advantage is, who recently announced their integration with Gruveo. is a reservation engine that allows businesses to easily accept bookings online. The service provides its clients – who range from dentists to event planners to government agencies – with a fully customizable booking page where they can accept appointments, take payments, view performance reports and more. Launched in 2008, is now signing up thousands of new users every month.

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Gruveo Powers a Planetary Rover Prototype

Aurora Robotics' prototype for the 2015 RASC-AL Robo-Ops competition

Aurora Robotics’ prototype for the 2015 RASC-AL Robo-Ops competition

Gruveo seems to be finding its way into applications that we could never dream of. Just recently, we learned that an award-winning college robotics team uses Gruveo in their latest rover prototype.

Aurora Robotics is a 7-member team from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. In 2013, the team has advanced to the international finals of the NASA Lunabotics competition, successfully mining 13.5 Kg of dust during a ten-minute teleoperation run. In 2014, they won the Judges’ Innovation Award at the NASA Robotic Mining Competition, where the team impressed the jury with their robot’s compact stowed configuration.

The UAF team has just completed their Prototype Zero for the upcoming 2015 RASC-AL Robo-Ops competition. The challenge is to build a planetary rover prototype and demonstrate its capabilities to perform a series of competitive tasks in field tests. One of the requirements is providing a live video feed from the robot, and this is where the team decided to use Gruveo.

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