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How to Record a Gruveo Call

Gruveo subscribers can easily record their voice, video and screen sharing calls by following a couple of simple steps:

  1. During a Gruveo call, locate the round recording button in the call’s top control bar.

    Click the round recording button to start call recording.

  2. Press the button to start the recording. You’ll see the button pulsate as the recording is initializing.
  3. Once the circle inside of the button turns into a square, a red dot recording indicator will appear in the upper left corner of the call window, accompanied by an audible beep. The call is now being recorded.
  4. To stop call recording, press the recording button again.

With Gruveo, you don’t need to wait for the recordings to be processed. They’re ready for you to use almost immediately after you stop the recording or the call is ended. You can record voice-only calls, video calls and also screen sharing sessions, and you can make multiple recordings during the same call.

Call recordings are made in MP4 format in HD resolution (1280×720). You can play them easily with most video players, or upload to YouTube.

How Do I Know the Call Is Being Recorded?

Gruveo displays a red dot indicator in the upper left corner of the call window during the whole recording session, no matter which party is recording the call. In addition, a beep sounds at the beginning of the recording, so even if you’re not looking at the screen or are having a voice-only call, you are notified of a recording taking place.

Call Recording red dot

When the call is being recorded, the red dot recording indicator appears in the upper left corner of the call window.

Where Can I Find My Recordings?

Gruveo records your calls in the cloud, with each recording saved to your user account. You’ll find all your call recordings in the Call Recordings tab of your profile’s Settings page. For each recording, the following information is shown:

  • The room name or Gruveo handle that the call took place on
  • The date and time of the recording
  • The recording duration
  • Recording file size
  • A preview of the recording.

You can watch the recordings right on the page, or you can download as well as delete them.

Call Recording menu

You can find all your call recordings in the corresponding section of your Gruveo account.

A storage space of 5 GB for your recordings is included in your Gruveo subscription. You can see a storage quota usage indicator at the bottom of the call recordings list. Gruveo lets you overrun the storage quota for the last recording: As long as you have some storage left, you can always record one more call – no matter how long it is.

Your call recordings in the recordings' list

A preview of a video and a voice call recordings in the list of your recordings.

As mentioned above, your recordings are yours to keep, download, share and upload. So when your storage quota is full, just download and/or delete some recordings and you’re good to make some new ones.

How Do I Switch the Layout of My Call Recordings?

Gruveo currently supports two ways of laying out the participants’ pictures on call recordings:

  • Maximized active speaker (default) – automatically maximizes the currently active speaker on the recording, with all of the participants’ pictures shown on the right-hand side in smaller size
  • Tiled – displays all of the participants’ pictures in tiles of approximately the same size.

The default “maximized” layout automatically maximizes the image of the current active speaker on the recording.

In the tiled layout, all of the participants’ pictures are shown in about the same size.

To choose the layout for your call recordings, head to your Call Recordings page, choose the desired layout and click “Save Changes”. The new layout will apply to any subsequent call recordings you make.

Use the layout switcher on your Call Recordings page to set the layout for your recordings.

I’m Pressing the Recording Button but Nothing Is Happening. Why?

Your recording button may be disabled when your recording storage space is full. To free up some storage space, download and/or delete some of your recordings first. Please see the section above.

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