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1 account user
$25 / user / month
1 permanent link
$4 / link / month

Need more than 10 users and/or permanent links? No problem! Gruveo lets you allocate as many as you wish.

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* Does not include VAT, sales tax or any other applicable local taxes. Now offering a 20% discount for non-profits.

What's Included

  • Unlimited video and voice calling
  • Unlimited room links – create disposable call rooms for scheduled conversations
  • Group calling for up to 12 participants
  • Call queueing
  • Screen sharing
  • HD call recording
  • Allocate additional links and users in your account
  • Assign permanent links to groups of users
  • Custom call background and logo
  • Caller context: See caller's platform, referrer and approximate location
  • Text mail: Receive messages from callers when you're unavailable
  • In-call text chat

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an account user?

An account user is your staff member who you want to be able to organize or receive Gruveo calls. You can allocate any number of users within your account. Each user logs into Gruveo using their own email and password. Customers joining your calls do not count towards your account users.

What is a permanent link?

A permanent link is a web address that lets customers call you on Gruveo without downloading apps or signing up. Think of a permanent link as a supercharged phone number.

You can allocate any number of links in your account as well as assign them to your account users. Your Gruveo subscription also lets you create unlimited room links for scheduled conversations, for free.
Can I have multiple users and permanent links in my subscription?

Yes! You can allocate extra users and links in your account any time. You can also assign permanent links to your users in any way you wish. The same link can be assigned to multiple users, and a user can receive calls on multiple links, too.

Do I need to pay extra for the room links I create?

We only charge for the permanent Gruveo links that you allocate in your account. You can create any number of disposable room links with Gruveo at no additional charge.

Are there limits on call duration, or the number of calls I can make per month?

Each user in your Gruveo account can participate in only one call at any given moment. There are no limits on how many calls you and your users can make, nor on the duration of the calls.

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