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API Pricing and Signup

Free Demo Credentials

In the testing and development phase, you are welcome to use the demo API credentials provided below:

Client ID: demo
API secret: W62wB9JjW3tFyUMtF5QhRSbk

The demo credentials are fully functional with two exceptions: a). All calls are force-ended after 5 minutes and b). Any call recordings made go into a publicly accessible S3 bucket.

Production Credentials

Our production plans are based on the number of participant connections included per month. An established call consumes the number of participant connections equal to the maximum number of simultaneous participants reached during the duration of the call. For example:

  • A 1-on-1 call consumes 2 participant connections.
  • A group call with 5 participants consumes 5 participant connections, even if some of the participants disconnect and reconnect over the course of the call.

You can have as many simultaneous ongoing calls as you need. Call duration doesn’t matter as long as it’s within our fair usage policy (3 hours or less for a call). Call recording is priced separately at $0.02 per recorded minute.

The billing is subscription-based. Below is an overview of our starter API plans:

Plan Connections included Equivalent 1-on-1 calls Overage charge, per connection
$50/mo. 1000 500 $0.05
$100/mo. 2200 1100 $0.045
$250/mo. 6250 3125 $0.04


To signup and get your production API credentials, please get in touch using the form below: