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The Bridge Group is an award winning, mid-size licensed executive search firm headquartered in Azabu-Dai, Tokyo with offices in Manila and Singapore. We contacted Timothy Kazuya Ondo, President of the Bridge Group to learn how Gruveo is helping them in their recruiting process to bring them closer to the clients.

Can you tell us about your business?

The Bridge Group has almost 16 years of experience in executive search. We focus on recruiting which means our business relies heavily on interpersonal communication. We are a people driven business and our mission is to improve a person's life by improving their career. We match people that fit not just the job requirements but also the corporate culture of the company. In order to do this we really need to be as close to our clients as possible.

What kind of interactions do you use video conferencing for?

Our business started from having face-to-face meetings with job seekers and we switched to phone interviews. However, because our business is very interpersonal, we learnt that there was a huge disconnect from moving from a face-to-face meeting to just a phone call. We needed an application to bring us closer to our clients, which is why we decided to start using video conferencing in our recruiting process for executives.

There are mainstream apps for video conferencing like Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime. What prompted you to look for an alternative?

We wanted a no-download approach to video conferencing. With Google Hangouts, Skype and FaceTime and others, you usually have to install a plugin or an app and create an account. When we found Gruveo, we liked how easy it was to implement and get going. Our customers did not have to download anything. The fact that it is usable on multiple platforms from computers, phones and iPads is great for us and them too.

“We liked how easy it was to implement and get going with Gruveo. It made a great impact in our business.”
- Timothy Kazuya Ondo, President of The Bridge Group

How did you learn about Gruveo?

My IT team looked into many different applications. We compared the usability, other key features, no application download and decided upon Gruveo as our best solution.

How long have you been using the tool?

We have been using Gruveo for around 7-8 months now.

Is there a Gruveo feature that you find particularly useful?

As we are using it to screen job applicants, we find the screen sharing feature the most useful feature for us. We are showing people what they should highlight on their resume as we provide them guidance in their job search, which allows us to be a little closer to the candidate.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you recommend Gruveo to other businesses in you industry?

I would rate the application a solid 9+. A 10 if they develop the file transfer feature which I hear they are working on. Gruveo really improved our process and is now a key part of our business. It was the application we were in search of.

The Bridge Group Team

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