About Gruveo

Gruveo makes it possible to make secure and anonymous video calls right in your browser, without having to install software or register for an account. Here is how to start a call on Gruveo in 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Agree with the other person on an alphanumeric code

The code can be completely arbitrary. However, you are encouraged to make it at least 3 letters or digits to ensure connecting to the intended person. One idea for choosing the code is your counterpart’s name followed by a short random number.

Step 2. Enter the code on Gruveo homepage

Type the code you agreed upon into the box at www.gruveo.com and click “Video call”, or “Voice call” for a voice-only call.

Step 3. Wait for the other person to join

If the other person has already connected using the code, the call will begin immediately. Otherwise, Gruveo will enter the waiting mode and the call will start after the other party connects. It’s that simple!