Case Studies - Gruveo

Case Studies

Learn how these ​organizations ​are achieving remarkable results ​with Gruveo.

  Legal Services  

​South Carolina Victim Assistance Network is a non-profit that advocates for all crime victims and those who serve them to ensure they have the help and resources they need. We jumped on a call with Katie Coleman, an attorney at SCVAN, to learn more about how they are using Gruveo to provide legal services to crime victims in South Carolina.

Queen City Immigration Law

  Legal Services  

Queen City Immigration Law is a law firm in Charlotte, NC. We ​got in touch with Dinh Tran, founding attorney at QCI Law, to learn about how his firm is using Gruveo to provide remote legal services outside of Charlotte, NC.

Italy Made Easy

  Language Learning  

Italy Made Easy is a language learning platform to help anyone learn Italian. Learn how Gruveo is helping them to expand its service offerings to deliver video lessons to their students.

The Bridge Group


The Bridge Group is an award winning, mid-size licensed executive search firm. Learn how Gruveo is helping them in their recruiting process to bring them closer to the clients.

Universal Standard

  E-commerce      Retail  

Universal Standard is a women’s fashion company that specializes in women's clothing sizes 6 to 32. Learn about the unique way the company uses Gruveo to reach customers and offer a truly personalized shopping experience.


  Language tutoring      Sales  

Spanish55 helps US professionals become fluent in Spanish. Learn how using Gruveo allowed Spanish55 to expand its reach and deliver its services in an easier and more streamlined way.

​Entropy Organized

  Coaching      Consulting  

​Entropy Organized uses Gruveo for its coaching program that helps clients cut through the to-do list clutter and live a life that they love.​


  Software demos      Presentations      Sales  

​esurance offers its customers an app that lets them efficiently manage their insurance policies. Learn how the company uses Gruveo for software demos with prospective customers.​


  Interviewing      Onboarding      Recruitment  

​Wellnow uses Gruveo for onboarding and interviewing the ​therapists for their on-demand wellbeing services platform.

​Lauri Mannermaa

  Psychology      Psychotherapy      Healthcare  

​Lauri Mannermaa is a psychotherapist ​who uses Gruveo for therapy sessions with his clients. ​Learn ​why Lauri chose Gruveo and how it helps him in his daily work.​

Gruveo case study - Practical Portfolios logo

Practical Portfolios

  Investment advisory      Financial planning  

Practical Portfolios is an investment advisory and financial planning company that uses ​Gruveo ​to communicate with clients. Learn how Gruveo helped the firm double its client engagement efficiency.

Gruveo and Hentsu case study - Hentsu logo


Hentsū is a technology startup providing services to asset management and hedge fund clients. The firm uses Gruveo for its transcontinental office portal connecting their London and New York offices in an unconventional way.

Gruveo case studies - Renaissance Rentals logo

Renaissance Rentals

A property management company, Renaissance Rentals uses Gruveo to give live property tours, and has shortened the sales process by weeks thanks to Gruveo.

Gruveo business case studies - Goodwin Company logo

Goodwin Co.

The HR department at Goodwin Co. uses Gruveo as a cost-effective and easy-to-use tool for intra-company communication. Learn why it's the preferred method of communication for managers.

Gruveo case study - Consulta do Viajante logo

Consulta do Viajante

An online medical consultation service specializing in travel health, Consulta do Viajante started using Gruveo Embed API after being let down by another firm. As a result, Gruveo quite literally saved the business's reputation with customers.

Gruveo case studies - RASCL at University of California logo

University of California, Berkeley

The Relationships and Social Cognition Lab (RASCL) at the University of California uses Gruveo to bring the participants of the interpersonal dynamics research together through the Internet. 

Gruveo case studies - logo is a booking engine that allows businesses to easily accept bookings online. Learn why this firm integrated Gruveo as its default solution for video and voice call appointments.

Gruveo case study - University of Alaska Fairbanks

University of Alaska Fairbanks

The Aurora Robotics team from the University of Alaska Fairbanks uses Gruveo to provide a live video feed from its planetary rover prototype.