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How Does Gruveo Work?

Gruveo lets you register a unique link (for example, that your customers can click to call you without creating an account or installing new apps. The voice, video or screen sharing call takes place right in the customer’s browser, even on mobile. Think of your Gruveo link as a video-powered phone number.

Any time a customer is trying to get in touch with you, you receive an incoming call notification in your browser or in the Gruveo app, where you can answer with voice or video.

How Can I Get My Gruveo Link?

You can try Gruveo for free for 14 days. To start your free trial and register a call link, head over to our signup page and follow the instructions. See this article for details.

Your handle – i.e. the text after – can consist of Latin letters and numbers, optionally separated by a dot (.). For example: @mybusiness. We recommend keeping the handle short to make your link easier to post and give out.

After you register your Gruveo link, be sure to allow incoming call notifications on your device so you’ll always know when someone is trying to call you.

When a call comes in to your direct code, you can receive a browser notification to pick it up

You receive a ring alert anytime someone tries to contact you using your Gruveo link.

Where Can I Find My Gruveo Link?

Once you have a Gruveo account, locating your Gruveo link to copy and share is easy. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account on the Gruveo website
  • Click your handle in the upper right, then Settings
  • Your Gruveo link will be shown on the page. Click the Copy button to copy it to your clipboard.

You can find your Gruveo link in your account settings.

To invite anyone to call you directly, just send them your Gruveo link. You may also share your link anywhere you think someone might want to use it to reach you, like on the contact page of your website or on your social media profiles.

Gruveo handle on a "Contact Us" page

Place your Gruveo link on your business website so that customers can get in touch with you instantly.

Can I Have Multiple Links on Gruveo?

Absolutely! Gruveo lets you add additional links, as well as allocate additional users for your team members. See here for details:

Using Your Gruveo Account on Multiple Devices

You can log in to your Gruveo account on multiple devices, for example your computer and your phone. However, you will only be able to have one ongoing call at any given moment. If you are unable to take a call, the caller will be able to leave a message for you.

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