Can Callers Leave Me a Message If I'm Unavailable?

Gruveo's Text Mail feature lets people calling your permanent link leave their contact info and an optional text message whenever the call cannot get established. The "Leave a Message" screen appears in the following scenarios:

  • The caller hangs up before the call is answered
  • The call is declined
  • There is no device logged in and online to receive the call.

The Text Mail screen is shown if at least one of the users behind the permanent link has Text Mail enabled in their settings (see "Can I Turn Off Text Mail?" below). Here is what the screen looks like:

The Text Mail feature lets your callers leave their contact info and an optional message.

Any messages left by your callers arrive straight to your email inbox. Here is an example email:

Can I Set a Custom Prompt for the "Leave a Message" Screen?

The default prompt that the callers see on your "Leave a message" screen is generic and goes as follows:

Leave your contact details and an optional message so that we can reach you back.

You can also use a custom prompt, for example to inform the customers of your schedule or provide any other information before inviting them to leave a Text Mail for you.

To set a custom Text Mail prompt, head on to the “Permanent Links” page in your account, enter your prompt in the “Text Mail prompt” box and save the changes:

You can enter a custom Text Mail prompt in your account settings.

Your custom prompt is then shown to callers when you are unable to answer the call:

Can I Turn Off Text Mail?

Text Mail is on by default for all account users but it's easy to turn it off. Follow the steps below:

  • Log into your account on the Gruveo website
  • In your dashboard, click “Notifications and Messages”
  • Uncheck the checkbox that says "Allow callers to leave you a message"
  • Click "Save changes".

Please note that “Allow callers to leave you a message” is a per-user setting. If at least one of the users assigned to a permanent link has Text Mail enabled, then a caller calling the link will be able to leave a message. However, only the users who have Text Mail enabled will receive the message in their inbox.

If all of the users behind a permanent link have Text Mail off, then the caller will not get the "Leave a Message" screen at all.

Enjoy, and never miss a chance to follow up on that important call again!

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