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Can Callers Leave Me a Message If I’m Unavailable?

When somebody calls you using your Gruveo link and, for whatever reason, the call doesn’t get established, the caller is prompted to leave you their contact info and an optional text message. The prompt to leave a Text Mail appears in the following situations:

  • Caller hangs up before you answer
  • All of your devices are busy with other calls
  • None of your devices are online.

Here is what a Text Mail prompt looks like:

The Text Mail feature lets your callers leave their contact info and an optional message.

Any messages left by your callers arrive straight to your email inbox. Here is an example email:

Can I Turn Off Text Mail?

Text Mail is on by default but it’s easy to turn it off if you don’t want callers to be able to leave you a message. Follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your account on the Gruveo website
  • Click your @handle in the upper right, then Settings
  • On the page that opens, click “Notifications and Messages”
  • Uncheck the checkbox that says “Allow callers to leave a message when you are busy or unavailable”
  • Click “Save changes”.

Enjoy, and never miss a chance to follow up on that important call again!

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