Case Study: Modernizing Legal Services Remotely with QCI Law

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Queen City Immigration Law is a law firm in Charlotte, NC that focuses on immigration law in the United States. We jumped on a call with Dinh Tran, founding attorney at QCI Law, to learn about how his firm is using Gruveo to provide remote legal services outside of Charlotte, NC.

Can you tell us about your business?

At QCI Law, we help clients in a variety of states in the United States to resolve their immigration problems. For example, if our clients need assistance with employment-based immigration, deportation defense, citizenship and naturalization, or anything else, we can handle it. Our mission is to fight for our clients’ best interests, protect their rights, and help them make sound legal decisions at every stage of the process.

What kind of interactions do you use Gruveo for?

We use Gruveo to provide remote legal services. The fact that our client does not have to download anything is why we love it. We are using Acuity Scheduling at the moment and have integrated nicely with Gruveo for our appointments with clients. 

"The fact that our client does not have to download anything is why we love Gruveo.” - Dinh Tran, Founding Attorney at QCI Law

How did you learn about Gruveo?

I did some research online for alternatives to some well-known video conference solutions, such Amazon Chime, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Skype, Zoom, and GoToMeeting, that could work in a mobile browser, without the need to download an additional app. One of the those searches led me to an article that mentioned Gruveo. I decided to give it a try and amazingly found exactly what I needed.

How long have you been using the tool?

We have used Gruveo for over a year.

There are mainstream apps for video conferencing like Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime. What prompted you to look  for an alternative?

We used to use and Zoom but ended up switching because clients were having issues with on mobile sometimes. Gruveo works in the browser on any device, mobile or desktop. Our clients can connect without having to first download an app that they might never use again.

What kind of impact has Gruveo had on your business?

We can access a wider set of potential clients to get more customers, which affects bottom line.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you recommend Gruveo to other businesses in you industry?

Overall we’re really happy with Gruveo, so a solid 10!

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