5 Reasons Why Gruveo Call Quality Is So Great

Time and time again we hear our users rave about Gruveo call quality. We frequently hear questions like: "How can the Gruveo call quality be this awesome compared to other video calling providers?". Well, we feel it's time for us to explain ourselves 🙂

There are, in fact, five reasons why Gruveo quality is so great. Let's have a look at them one by one, shall we?

1. WebRTC​

​Gruveo is built upon WebRTC - a rapidly evolving open-source technology for realtime communications. Relying on WebRTC means that we can quickly bring you the latest technological advancements in the area of realtime voice and video.


2. True Peer-to-Peer Connections​

​Wherever possible, Gruveo calls are established using peer-to-peer technology where voice and video travel directly from one user to another. Only when a peer-to-peer connection is not possible do we route the data through our relay servers to make the connection work. (We only do this when it's really necessary because server routing inevitably introduces extra latency and can decrease the call quality. And we don't want that.)

3. Relay Servers in Strategic Locations​

​If your Gruveo call has to be relayed, you can be sure that there's a relay server nearby to prevent the data from traveling unnecessary distances. For example, if there are two callers located in Europe, one of our servers in Frankfurt may be chosen to relay the call for a more fluid connection.

Again, the above only applies when a direct peer-to-peer connection cannot be established, and in most cases, it can.

4. Important Optimizations​ on Mobile

Among other optimizations in our mobile apps, we use hardware acceleration of video encoding wherever possible. This leads to better video quality and also drastically improves the battery life of your device.

5. Frequent Updates​

​​We keep our apps frequently updated, and we also update the WebRTC code that comes bundled with them. This means that all the latest bug fixes in WebRTC, as well as the new features, land in our apps quickly. Our mission is to keep things fresh and working properly.

As you can probably see by now, the great quality of Gruveo calls is a result of our deliberate effort to bring you not just the World's Easiest Video Calls, but also the highest quality ones. And we work hard every day to achieve just that.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below!