How to Make Group Calls

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As a Gruveo subscriber, you can organize unlimited group video and voice calls with up to 12 participants. For a call with more than two participants to be unlimited, at least one of the participants (e.g. you) has to be a logged in Gruveo subscriber. Otherwise, the call’s duration will be limited to 10 minutes just to allow the other participants to wait for you in case you’re running late.

One-on-one calls are free and unlimited for all Gruveo users.

Gruveo Pro branding feature on a group video call

Gruveo subscribers can organize group calls with up to 12 participants.

Group calls can be established in one of two ways:

  1. By all of the participants joining the same call room, or
  2. By inviting additional participants to an ongoing call on your Gruveo link.

Let’s go through each option step-by-step.

How Do I Make a Group Call Using a Call Room?

Organizing a group call using a call room is the recommended approach due to its simplicity. Here is how it works:

  1. Come up with a room name for your call. The room name may contain Latin letters and numbers, e.g. rome10 or myroom.
  2. Send the call participants the room link, which will look like this:
  3. On the scheduled date and time, follow the link to enter your Gruveo room.
  4. Wait for the other participants to join the same way. After they connect, your call will begin.
  5. When all the expected call participants are connected, optionally lock the call room by clicking on the lock button at the top of the call screen. Locking the room will ensure that nobody else can join your group call. It also prevents random people who might use the same room name from joining your call.
    Gruveo group calling in an anonymous call room with the lock button

    Lock your call room to prevent more people from joining.

  6. To exit the call room, click the red hang up button at the bottom of the call screen.

How Do I Add More Participants to an Ongoing Call on My Gruveo Link?

When you have an ongoing call on your Gruveo link, you also have the option to invite more people to the call, thereby making it a group conversation. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Unlock the call by clicking the lock button in the upper left corner of the call screen. (Calls on Gruveo links are locked by default.)
  2. Share the one-time call link with the people that you want to join that particular call. You can copy the link by clicking the Copy button right next to it.Gruveo group calling with a one-time call linkNote: Don’t send your Gruveo link ( to invite additional participants because they won’t be able to join your ongoing call that way.
  3. To end the call, click the red hang up button at the bottom of the call screen.

An Error Message Appears When I Try to Join a Group Call. What Do I Do?

There are several reasons why you can’t join a group call, and the solution depends on the particular message that appears on the screen. Here are the possible messages, along with explanations and recommendations:

  • This room is currently locked. This message appears when a call room is locked. You can ask the participants of the ongoing call to unlock the room so that you can join.
  • Room is full. The room you are trying to join is at capacity (12 participants). You need to wait for a spot to free up for you.
  • Your free group call has ended. Please see the section below for an explanation.

Why Has My Group Call Ended After 10 Minutes?

The reason your group call has ended after 10 minutes is that there was no logged in Gruveo subscriber present in the call room. A group call can be established even when there is no logged in Gruveo subscriber in the room but such a group call will only last 10 minutes, with a timer on the call screen counting down the time left.

Gruveo group calling, free group call timer

Group calls without a logged in Gruveo subscriber on the call are limited to 10 minutes.

For the call to continue after the first 10 minutes, at least one Gruveo subscriber needs to join. The timer will disappear and you will be able to enjoy unlimited group calling for as long as the Gruveo subscriber is there.

What If I’m Late for a Group Call I Have Arranged?

We’ve got you covered! Even if a Gruveo subscriber is late for the group call, the free users can still connect and wait for up to 10 minutes for the subscriber to join them. Please see the previous question for more information.

Can Only Gruveo Subscribers Start a Group Call?

No, any Gruveo user can start a group call but there needs to be at least one Gruveo subscriber in the call room for the group call to last beyond 10 minutes. Otherwise, the call will be ended when the time is up.

Can Users Join a Free Group Call Again After It Is Automatically Ended?

Yes, they can, for an unlimited number of times.

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