Your Gruveo Handle on Your Website

One of the most useful features Gruveo offers is undoubtedly the Gruveo handle (also known as a direct Gruveo code)—a registered Gruveo call room that's unique to you and works like a phone number, but more awesome. If you don't have your handle yet, go register one now! They're completely free.

If you've registered a Gruveo handle for your business, you've probably done so to make yourself more reachable to your clients, business partners and other parties. But for them to call you on Gruveo, you need to let them know that you have a handle in the first place, right?

There are many creative ways to let the world know about your Gruveo handle so let's take a more detailed look at them. As the title suggests, in this article we'll talk about having your Gruveo handle on your website.


1. Gruveo handle on your Contacts page

​​As the Gruveo handle works like a phone number with incoming call notifications, missed call notifications and callers being able to leave you a message if they can't reach you (just like the oldie but goodie answering machine), you should think about it as such.

Therefore, your Gruveo handle should accompany your email address and phone number wherever you publish them.

Make sure you put your Gruveo handle on the Contacts page of your website. Depending on how you manage your website's content, you can do this on your own or with a little help from your IT person.

Placement of your Gruveo handle on your website

Your Gruveo handle on the Contacts page of your website.

It's important to linkify your Gruveo @handle, i.e. make it clickable with your Gruveo call link that automatically opens Gruveo and initiates a call on the handle. Just to remind you, your Gruveo call link looks like this:

If you forget to linkify your handle, people might not know how to contact you on Gruveo, which can result in them not contacting you at all.

2. Gruveo handle on your landing pages

Another great way to use your Gruveo handle is with call-to-action buttons on your landing pages or sales pages.

Instead of directing potential clients to your contacts page to fill in a form, or asking them to manually dial your phone number, you can insert your Gruveo call link ( into the buttons and let people call you with one click on the button. We promise you they will appreciate the ease and simplicity of Gruveo.

Call-to-action button with Gruveo handle call link

A Call-to-action button with your Gruveo call link.

Even better, on a Gruveo call, you can easily toggle screen sharing with one click on a button, and show your client the document or stats they want to see. This makes your communication much more efficient, and who doesn't like saving time?​

So now it's your turn to put your Gruveo handle on your website. There's no better time than now!

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Our next article will focus on your business emails.​

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