How Do I Get Notified About Any Gruveo Calls I Miss?

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If you’re a Gruveo user who has registered a direct code, Gruveo offers features to ensure you receive a notification about any incoming calls you miss. If a caller attempts to reach you on your direct code but you’re unavailable, you’ll receive an email notification with the details of the call.

The level of detail in the email notification you receive will differ based on whether you are on Gruveo’s free plan or Pro plan.

Gruveo Free users will receive a notification which will include the time and location of the call, down to the country/state.

Since Gruveo Pro users have access to extended caller context, they will receive a notification which includes the following:

  • The time of the call
  • The caller’s location (down the the city)
  • The website the call originated from
  • The platform the call was placed from
If you miss a call to your direct code, you'll receive an email notification.

A sample of a call notification for a Gruveo Pro user, which includes extended caller context.

Email notifications differ slightly from Gruveo’s Text Mail feature, which allows a caller to leave you a text message if they were unable to reach you. You can read more about Text Mail here.

Can I Turn Off Missed Call Email Notifications?

If you’d prefer not to receive email notifications when you miss a call, you can disable this feature in your settings by following the steps below:

Your account settings can be found on the dropdown menu below your direct code

Click on your username on the navigation bar and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu that appears below.


Uncheck the second checkbox, labeled “Send email notifications about missed calls”.


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