Gruveo Now Supports Third-Party and In-App Browsers on iOS

When Apple added WebRTC support to the Safari browser in iOS 11, we were thrilled: You could finally make Gruveo calls on iOS without an app! One problem remained, though: You could not use Gruveo in third-party browsers like Chrome for iOS, or in in-app browsers like the one built into the Facebook app.

The reason for this is that third-party browsers on iOS have to use Apple's browser engine, and it didn't expose WebRTC – the real-time video and voice communication technology that Gruveo is built on – to those browsers. But this has recently changed.

iOS 14.3 has finally enabled WebRTC in third-party and in-app browsers, and we have now rolled out support for those browsers in Gruveo. Here is what this means for you:

  • A customer clicking your Gruveo link in Firefox on iPad is no longer greeted with a screen asking them to switch to Safari. The call simply starts as usual.
  • An iPhone user clicking your Instagram ad proceeds straight to the Gruveo call, without ever leaving the Instagram app.
  • A client chatting with your support team in Facebook Messenger on iOS can have a Gruveo call with the agent right in the app.

With Gruveo now supporting third-party and in-app browsers on iOS, we continue to deliver on our promise of hassle-free, one-click video calling for everyone. More to come!

For detailed information on the devices and platforms supported by Gruveo, please see this article in our Help Center.