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What Are the Supported Devices and Platforms?

Customers can use your Gruveo link to call you right from the browser on computers as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. The same applies to joining call rooms and receiving incoming calls on your link. No plugins or other downloads are required.

Gruveo works in the following browsers:

  • Desktop or laptop:
    • Recent Chrome and Firefox on Windows, macOS and Linux
    • Safari 11 and above on macOS
  • Android phones and tablets:
    • Chrome and Firefox for Android, as well as other Chrome-like browsers
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:
    • Safari (iOS 11 and above only)

Please note that due to iOS limitations, Gruveo does not work in in-app and third-party browsers on iOS. Gruveo displays a message directing the user to switch to vanilla Safari in that case.

In addition to browser support, we also offer native apps for Android and iOS. Using the Gruveo app is the recommended way to receive calls on Android and iOS because of the richer functionality and better incoming call notifications.

A Gruveo app is not required for customers to call you using your Gruveo link.

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