The Gruveo for Slack Integration Is Here

The newly released Gruveo for Slack app brings the World's Easiest Video Calls into any Slack channel, rocking the collaboration world.

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Gruveo is the answer when you want to jump on a quick video call and discuss your project. With our new app you start a video call just by typing a short command in the Slack message window. It's so simple anyone can do it!


Just like with everything else we do, we have kept our promise of super high quality and ease when creating this integration. No complicated settings are needed, no app switching, no time wasted. Only great ideas exchanged face-to-face.

The active Slack users out there might object that Slack has recently introduced its own video conferencing so why use the Gruveo app. The reason is simple: Slack routes all calls (even the one-on-ones) through their servers. This tends to increase the latency and make the picture quality poorer. On the other hand, Gruveo sticks to the peer-to-peer approach for connecting users, making the overall experience simply better.

Moreover, screen sharing with Gruveo is a total no-brainer and is available to all Gruveo Pro subscribers without any restrictions.

For more information about the Gruveo app for Slack, click here.​