The Embed API Just Got Even More Powerful

Dear developers, may we have your attention please?​

​Ahead of the Gruveo Embed API's graduation from beta, there are a few supercool new features we've recently added and would like to tell you more about.

Gruveo Embed API is a wonderfully easy way to add video and voice calling to your website in minutes. Yes, that's right! It only takes a couple of minutes because we serve you a fully cooked, ready-to-use solution. You don't need to be a coding superman to work with it either. Want to check it out? Click here to learn more.

Here's what's new in the Embed API:


  • HD call recording. You can now programmatically trigger recording of your Embed API calls with the recordings going straight into your own Amazon S3 bucket—no end user interaction required. How cool is that?
  • Unlimited group calling for up to 8 participants. Create unlimited group calls using the Embed API–just point up to 8 participants to the same call room.
  • New API authentication scheme. We have added a new authentication scheme that's more understandable and versatile to also be used in our upcoming SDKs for Android and iOS (pssst!).
  • Responsive mode. No need to set fixed dimensions to the Gruveo widget any longer. Use the new "responsive" parameter to make the widget responsive on your pages!
  • Programmatic camera switching and room locking. Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Demo authentication credentials. See what you can do with the Embed API by simply plugging our demo access credentials (Client ID: demo, API secret: W62wB9JjW3tFyUMtF5QhRSbk). The calls can last as long as 5 minutes with those—plenty of time to play around!
  • A new GitHub-hosted demo. We've created a new demo for you to have a look at and fork for your own needs. It gives you a better feel of the Embed API and also includes all the above-mentioned new features. Check it out:

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