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Gruveo Helps Psychology Research at UC Berkeley

The Relationships and Social Cognition Lab (RASCL) at University of California, Berkeley studies the dynamics of intergroup relationships and how people can improve these relationships. Some of the lab’s research focuses on the ways in which people can decrease the anxiety they might experience when interacting with people from other groups. The lab’s researchers also focus on how trust and closeness contribute to positive intergroup outcomes.

RASCL have recruited online participants for survey studies before but with their current research, they wanted to take things one step further. “The research we are conducting focuses on interpersonal dynamics,” explains Dr. Jordan Leitner, a postdoctoral researcher at RASCL. “As such it was necessary to harness technology that would allow us to bring people together, even if through the Internet. Chatting with participants opens an array of possibilities that are impossible with survey methods.”

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Gruveo’s Anonymity a Big Win for Video Bookings at

Gruveo integration case study - logo

Gruveo is a perfect tool for anyone wishing to make a video call without becoming permanently accessible to the other person. Unlike other services where you add each other to “contacts,” others can only reach you on Gruveo if you explicitly agree on a call beforehand. One company to have recognized this advantage is, who recently announced their integration with Gruveo. is a reservation engine that allows businesses to easily accept bookings online. The service provides its clients – who range from dentists to event planners to government agencies – with a fully customizable booking page where they can accept appointments, take payments, view performance reports and more. Launched in 2008, is now signing up thousands of new users every month.

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Gruveo Powers a Planetary Rover Prototype

Aurora Robotics' prototype for the 2015 RASC-AL Robo-Ops competition

Aurora Robotics’ prototype for the 2015 RASC-AL Robo-Ops competition

Gruveo seems to be finding its way into applications that we could never dream of. Just recently, we learned that an award-winning college robotics team uses Gruveo in their latest rover prototype.

Aurora Robotics is a 7-member team from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. In 2013, the team has advanced to the international finals of the NASA Lunabotics competition, successfully mining 13.5 Kg of dust during a ten-minute teleoperation run. In 2014, they won the Judges’ Innovation Award at the NASA Robotic Mining Competition, where the team impressed the jury with their robot’s compact stowed configuration.

The UAF team has just completed their Prototype Zero for the upcoming 2015 RASC-AL Robo-Ops competition. The challenge is to build a planetary rover prototype and demonstrate its capabilities to perform a series of competitive tasks in field tests. One of the requirements is providing a live video feed from the robot, and this is where the team decided to use Gruveo.

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