Why Put Your Gruveo Handle in Your Email Signature

After adding your Gruveo handle on your website, we recommend next including it in your email signature. This might seem like the obvious choice to you, and maybe you already have it there. If you do, thumbs up from us 🙂

But many business professionals still think about their email signature as a place for "traditional" contact information. If this sounds like you, you probably keep your Gruveo handle as a secret "weapon" for cases when call recording or screen sharing is needed. And for all your other "normal" calls, you'll use your phone number.

Gruveo for Business series - your Gruveo handle in email signature

An email signature with a Gruveo handle linkified with a Gruveo call link that will start a call when clicked on.


And this is a problem. If you think of Gruveo as an addition to your company phone number, you will actually prevent your customers, business partners and colleagues benefiting from you having a Gruveo handle.

Even worse, you won't allow Gruveo to work its magic for you and grow your business the way it has been doing it for many other businesses (you can read the success stories here).

So, how to change this? Remember, your Gruveo @handle IS a phone number. Not a traditional one, but that's the point! A traditional phone number can't and won't bring you the benefits your Gruveo handle can and will. But you need to give it a chance—a 100% chance.

To discover its full potential, use your Gruveo handle not in addition to, but instead of, your traditional phone number. This is why your handle should take its rightful place in your email signature—it is a go-to means of communication.

​What can happen when you're a Gruveo Pro user and you replace your traditional phone number with your registered Gruveo @handle?

  • Gruveo calls are free, so neither you nor your clients pay when you receive calls.
  • You'll have a permanent room for calls available 24/7 and can toggle screen sharing whenever you need to.
  • If you're a Gruveo Pro user, you have access to unlimited group calling with up to 7 other people, call recording with storage space in the cloud, branding and marketing attribution features.
Gruveo for Business series - your Gruveo handle in email signature

Gruveo group video call in the free Gruveo for iOS app.

If you download our free Gruveo for Android or iOS app, all incoming calls on your Gruveo handle will ring through just like a traditional phone call. We promise you won't miss a single call—unless you want to.

To wrap it up, just put your Gruveo handle into your email signature, download the Gruveo app (if you don't have it already) and log into your Gruveo account. After completing these three steps, you’ll be able to receive calls on your handle on your phone, no matter where you are.

Even tech-averse people will love how easy it is to call you on Gruveo. Find out how Gruveo works for other business professionals.​

The ball’s in your court. You know what to do—add your handle to your email signature today.

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If you missed our previous article about adding your Gruveo handle to your website, you can read it here. In our next piece, we'll talk about your business card and Gruveo handle.

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