What Are Direct Gruveo Codes?

Direct Gruveo Link
Last week, we announced something exciting coming to Gruveo, and the time has come to lift the curtain a little.

Next Monday, we will be launching direct Gruveo codes - a new way to use Gruveo for easy video and voice calling that is bound to make phone numbers a thing of the past.

What are the direct codes?

Unlike a traditional one-time code that anyone can use to establish a Gruveo call, a direct code - for example, @john - belongs only to you. Whenever somebody enters "@john" on Gruveo or follows your Gruveo link (www.gruveo.com/@john), you receive that as an incoming call which you can answer in the Gruveo app or on the Gruveo website.

Think of a direct Gruveo code as a supercharged toll-free phone number that your clients, customers or simply friends can use to instantly get connected to you without installs or accounts. Better yet, direct codes will be free to get and use, no strings attached.

Registration is opening on June 27th. Direct codes will be available on the first-come, first-served basis, so make sure to grab the perfect one for yourself or your business quickly! We are not holding anything back so even single-letter direct codes like @x will be available on day 1.

Learn more about direct Gruveo codes over here:

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