The iOS SDK Is Released for a Complete Gruveo for Developers Package

Gruveo iOS SDK example video call on iPhone

Have you been looking for a simple way to quickly add video and voice calling into your website or your iOS and Android app? Haven't found the perfect solution?

We have great news for you today - Gruveo for Developers now covers all major platforms!

With the latest release of the iOS SDK, the package is now complete and ready to enable video calling on websites and apps around the world.

The new SDK lets you add a video chat screen to your iOS app and communicate with it using a simple API. The screen comes with all user-facing controls already in place and is the quickest way to add video and voice chat to your application.


Just as with our Embed API for web and the Android SDK, you can send commands to the iOS chat screen using the handy SDK methods, as well as add event handlers to process any events fired by the SDK.

The Gruveo SDK for iOS supports all the features that you've become accustomed to with Gruveo for Developers: high quality video and voice calls, group calling for up to 8 people, HD call recording straight to your S3 bucket, and more.

Click the button below to take a look at a sample Android app using our new SDK.

If you're as excited about this big news, as we are, please share it with all the developers you know. We love you for it!​​​​

Your comments and questions are welcome in the comments below, as always. Don't hesitate to write them there 😉