Gruveo’s Anonymity a Big Win for Video Bookings at

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Gruveo is a perfect tool for anyone wishing to make a video call without becoming permanently accessible to the other person. Unlike other services where you add each other to “contacts,” others can only reach you on Gruveo if you explicitly agree on a call beforehand. One company to have recognized this advantage is, who recently announced their integration with Gruveo. is a reservation engine that allows businesses to easily accept bookings online. The service provides its clients – who range from dentists to event planners to government agencies – with a fully customizable booking page where they can accept appointments, take payments, view performance reports and more. Launched in 2008, is now signing up thousands of new users every month.

Some of those users want to be able to render their services via video. “There has always been some interest amongst our users for video appointments,” says Ingvar Guðmundsson,’s CEO. For a while, offered an in-house video solution, but they recently quit supporting it and were looking for a new approach. In the end, the team settled on Gruveo.

“There are strong competitors already such as Google which started to do appointment based video bookings but doing it through Gruveo makes it more anonymous, which is interesting for many,” explains Mr. Guðmundsson. “Once you have given the Skype id etc then you can be continued to be bothered by the same person without them having booked an appointment.”

To enable video appointments, users can now adjust their SMS and email templates to include a Gruveo link that looks like[code], where [code] is the unique appointment code automatically generated by the system. Once the client joins on the agreed date and time, the video appointment begins.

“It was great to find your simple solution for this purpose,” says Mr. Guðmundsson.

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