Gruveo Powers Student-to-Teacher Sessions at Livetutor

Livetutor logoLivetutor is the first company dedicated to offer online tutoring in Finland. Juha Ronkainen, Livetutor founder, came up with the idea while working in the UK as a teacher. Online tutoring is big business there and he saw a gap in the market for something similar in Finland.

Juha approached several existing firms with his idea. “Those who responded didn’t want to expand their service to Finland,” Juha says. “Finland is a relatively small market after all.” With encouragement from the co-founder of MyTutorWeb, one of the best British online tutoring companies, Juha decided to launch his own website.

I can't think of an easier solution... I just embedded the code within our website.

One of the biggest challenges was choosing a video conferencing solution. Juha had very strict requirements and a tight budget. “Originally I was looking for a once-size-fits-all kind of a service, but none of the current solutions on the market satisfied me. Either the call quality was not good enough, or the platform was too limited,” remarked Juha.

His requirements were a straightforward platform where account set-ups weren’t required, and ideally a system which worked out-of-the-box in a browser without any installations.

Juha came across Gruveo accidentally via a technology website. “I was immediately impressed” says Juha, who originally planned to use Gruveo as an online support tool. Due to its ease of use and excellent call quality, Livetutor launched with Gruveo as their main video conference tool in January 2016.

Juha found Gruveo exceptionally easy to integrate into Livetutor. “I can't think of an easier solution for that,” he said. “I just embedded the code within our website”.

I consider myself a keen ambassador for Gruveo and will recommend it for anyone looking for an integrated video call system.

For students and tutors the system couldn’t be simpler, either. A randomly generated code is sent to both parties, e.g LT123456. The tutor then visits the Livetutor website and makes the Gruveo call at the specified time. When the student enters the code, the call is connected and the tutoring session takes place. The same code also provides users with access to the interactive whiteboard.

During the two months they have been running the service, Juha hasn’t heard a single complaint. “It works like a charm,” he says.

Livetutor have big plans for the future. Following the launch they are now working to raise the profile of the company, further develop the service and form mutually beneficial partnerships in Finland.

“I'm personally very happy and satisfied with Gruveo,” says Juha. “The service is technically mature and the support they are giving is just outstanding. I consider myself a keen ambassador for Gruveo and will recommend it for anyone looking for an integrated video call system”.

If you’re interested in trying out Gruveo Embed API Beta click here to apply, or for more information check out some examples of how it works here.