Gruveo Embeds Now Open to Everyone

Embed CodeLast December, we launched our closed beta program for Gruveo embeds. Over these past months, we have seen tremendous interest from users wishing to add Gruveo to their site, and we witnessed quite a few integration success stories.

The time has come, and we are excited to announce that Gruveo embeds are now open to everyone. Click the button below to request your free embed code:

[button_6 bg="orange" text="style5_getstartednow.png" align="center" href=""/]

Here are just a few reasons to add Gruveo to your web property:

  • Arrange video meetings with clients right on your website
  • Enable your users to communicate with each other securely
  • Take existing service to the next level by adding video calling capabilities to it
  • …And it’s all FREE!

Go ahead and embed Gruveo today – click here to request the code.