Gruveo App for Android Celebrates Its First Birthday - Gruveo

Happy Birthday, Gruveo App for Android!

It feels like only a couple of months have passed by and yet here we are today, celebrating the first birthday of the Gruveo app for Android! Time flies, right? As proud parents, we are delighted by the success of our youngest app. It's been extremely useful to thousands of Gruveo users so far, helping them make easy video and voice calls on the go.

Gruveo video calling app for Android is celebrating its first birthday

And not just that! It's grown significantly and improved its stability and performance over the past year. Apart from the common Gruveo features we've been adding, the Android app has some of its own, too.


The first important addition was the option to receive calls on your registered Gruveo handle, right in the app. The next big one was implementing the call history so that you can see which Gruveo handle called you, along with some details about the call. Lastly, we've recently added the fun Shuffle experiment that connects random Gruveo users for video or voice-only calls—ideal for meeting new people from around the world. And we have lots more big plans for this Gruveo app for the future, too.

If you want to give the Gruveo app for Android a present for its birthday, why not write a review on Google Play Store and tell other people about your experience with it? And if you haven't downloaded it yet, well then you should do so right away by clicking here