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Wellnow is a European wellbeing services platform that connects therapists with customers for high-quality mobile massages on demand. We contacted Robin Langgärtner, Wellnow’s Head of Operations, to learn how Gruveo is helping the company with the onboarding and interviewing of their therapists.

​Can you tell us about your business?

​Wellnow is on the rise of becoming the European 360° on-demand platform and go-to brand for health and wellbeing services. At the moment we focus on high-quality mobile massages on demand. A vetted and qualified therapist will be available within 2 hours – wherever the customer wants. We deliver relaxing treatments in 25 cities in Germany and Austria. Our vision is to make health and wellbeing services easily accessible for everyone through technology and create a modern lifestyle brand that helps people realize their full potential.

What kind of interactions do you use video conferencing for?

We use video conferencing for onboarding calls with potential therapists throughout Germany and Austria. Usually it’s a 30-minute call where we tell the therapist about the platform and what we can do for their business, and the therapist tells us about themselves and their experience. It’s important for us to have a personal interaction with the therapist before we can offer their services to customers. ​Of course, the applicants are also ​required to ​​give a test massage to ​an experienced Wellnow therapist to ensure​ ​their massage quality.

"We have experienced major problems when using the mainstream video conferencing apps."

There are mainstream apps for video conferencing like Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime. What prompted you to look for an alternative?

For the most part, massage therapists are not particularly tech-savvy and we have experienced major problems when using the mainstream apps. You usually have to install a plugin or an app and create an account. All we need for the onboarding is a simple video call, and setting up a Skype conversation turned out to be too much work and required too much technical knowledge. Our churn rates were higher than they should have been and we soon figured out that the underlying problem could be fixed with Gruveo.

​The Wellnow team in their office

What options have you considered?

We basically tried every video conferencing tool we could find. We were looking for the service that would let us establish a video call in the simplest way possible.

How did you come across Gruveo?

I am not 100% certain now, but I believe that Gruveo was featured in a Zapier newsletter.

Did you have any doubts if Gruveo would work well for you?

Not that I can remember. Obviously we tested Gruveo extensively before implementing it in our onboarding process.

"For the most part, the interviewees are astounded by Gruveo’s simplicity."

How long have you been using the tool?

It must be something around 12-18 months now.

What impact has Gruveo had on your business?

Gruveo allowed us to increase the speed of the therapist onboarding process. It made the onboarding experience seamless and more efficient. Our need was pretty straightforward – a video conferencing tool without downloads and accounts. Gruveo addressed this need fully.

What feedback are you getting from the therapists you’re interviewing?

For the most part, they are astounded by the tool’s simplicity.

"Gruveo made the onboarding experience seamless and more efficient."

Is there a Gruveo feature that you find particularly useful?

We only use the basic features, but we will be happy to explore more use cases in the future.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you recommend Gruveo to other businesses in you industry?

A solid 9. -1 point because the browser’s camera and microphone permissions dialog is often easy to miss. I realize that it’s not Gruveo’s fault though.

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