How to Integrate Gruveo Calls into ScheduleOnce

If your business involves offering online video or voice consultations with your clients, integrating Gruveo into your online scheduling system can be a life-saver. This article explains how to integrate Gruveo and ScheduleOnce. This simple integration is made possible by including your permanent Gruveo link in the ScheduleOnce booking confirmations.

Tip: Are you using a different scheduling system for your bookings? Check out how you can leverage Zapier to integrate Gruveo with just about any scheduling app out there.

Here is how to integrate Gruveo with ScheduleOnce:

  1. Click Setup in the upper left corner of your ScheduleOnce account.
  2. Choose "ScheduleOnce setup" in the drop-down menu.
    ScheduleOnce setup

    The setup menu in your ScheduleOnce account

  3. Click the + sign to create a new booking page. Fill out the form and then click "Save and edit".
  4. Click "Conferencing / Location" in the left menu.
    Conferencing/Location tab in your ScheduleOnce Booking page

    The "Conferencing/Location" tab on your ScheduleOnce booking page

  5. Under "Meeting channel", choose the first option: "Virtual meeting: Video conferencing or phone call"
  6. For "Who provides conferencing information?", choose "Conferencing information is provided by the Owner (you)".
  7. Finally, for "Edit conferencing information", choose "Other video conferencing".

    The "Other video conferencing" option in the settings

  8. Add your permanent Gruveo link and some instructions for the clients. Once you’ve done this, press "Save".

The instructions you add are displayed on the booking confirmation screen that your client sees after the booking is done successfully. They are also present in the confirmation email that you and your client receive. If you decide to add this event to your calendar, this information will be included in the event description as well.

The scheduling system for your clients works like this:

  • Your clients can schedule an online video meeting with you for the date and time that works best for them.
  • They also receive a call link that they can click to start a Gruveo call with you.
  • When the time for your meeting comes, the client simply clicks the link to initiate the call.
  • You will be notified about the incoming call on your Gruveo link. Take a look at our article about incoming call notifications if you aren’t sure how this works.
  • When you answer, your meeting will start – just like with a regular phone call.
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