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How Call Queueing Works

Call queueing puts your callers in a waiting queue until the next representative becomes available to answer the call. This feature is automatically available to all team-enabled Gruveo accounts.

Queueing Explained

If all representatives assigned to a Gruveo handle are busy, then any new callers are put on a waiting queue for that handle. Once a representative becomes available, their device starts ringing with the first call from the queue.

If a representative has more than one handle assigned, their call queue is comprised of the queues for each of their assigned handles.

The caller gets shown their position in the queue, updated in real time. If they decide not to wait and hang up, they will still be invited to leave a message (requires the Text Mail feature to be enabled in your account). Likewise, your operators get to see the number of callers currently in the queue.

Customers calling your Gruveo link are placed in a queue to wait until the next representative becomes available.


To better understand how call queueing works, consider the following scenario.

  1. Alice and Bob are both assigned the @acme.sales handle. Additionally, Bob is assigned the @acme.bob handle.
  2. Caller A calls @acme.sales. Both Alice’s and Bob’s devices ring with the incoming call. Alice answers it.
  3. Caller B calls @acme.sales. Since Alice is already on a call with Caller A, only Bob’s device rings with Caller B’s call. Bob answers that one.
  4. Caller C calls @acme.sales. Alice and Bob are both busy, so Caller C is put on a waiting queue for @acme.sales. Both Alice and Bob get a message saying that there’s now one caller in the queue.
  5. Caller D calls @acme.bob. Since Bob is busy, Caller D are put on a waiting queue for @acme.bob. Bob’s queue is now displaying 2 calls (Caller C and Caller D) and Alice’s is displaying one (Caller C).
  6. Bob ends his call with Caller B. Since Bob is now available, his device starts ringing with call from Caller C on @acme.sales. Bob answers the call. Alice’s queue is not displaying any calls now.
  7. Bob ends his call with Caller C. His device now starts ringing with the call from Caller D on @acme.bob.


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