How to Make a Voice or Video Call on Gruveo

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With Gruveo, making voice or video calls couldn’t be easier. We are proud to have built a video and voice calling service without the usual hoops to jump through.

Gruveo allows two types of calls, using anonymous and direct codes. Anonymous code calls use a one-time code to connect two people anonymously, without the need for a Gruveo account. Direct codes connect you instantly with the direct code owner, just like a phone number. We’ve written a help article to clarify the differences between these two types of calls.

Gruveo Voice & Video Call Options


How Do I Establish a Gruveo Call on an Anonymous Code?

To establish a call on an anonymous code, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Agree on a code with the person you’d like to connect with. The code may contain any combination of letters and numbers, i.e. “rome10” or “yellowelephant”.
  2. Go to in your browser or launch a Gruveo app.
  3. Enter the code in Gruveo and click the “Video call” or “Voice call” button. If you get a prompt asking to allow Gruveo to access to your camera and microphone, just choose “Allow”.
  4. Wait for the other person to join using the same code. After they connect, your call will begin immediately.

Tip: Instead of agreeing on a code beforehand, you can start a Gruveo call on some code and then share a call link with the other person. Once they click the link, they will join your call. Just click the Copy button next to the link on the waiting screen to grab it:

Use the buttons on the call waiting screen to share the call link with the other person. Use the buttons on the call waiting screen to share the call link with the other person.

How Do I Call a Direct Gruveo Code?

Direct Gruveo codes start with the @ symbol to distinguish them from anonymous ones. Direct codes belong to Gruveo users and work just like phone numbers. To dial a direct code, simply enter it in Gruveo and click “Video call” or “Voice call”. The other person will receive an incoming call notification and will be able to answer with voice or video.

To register your own direct code, click here.

Tip: You don’t need to have a Gruveo account to call someone else’s direct code.

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