What Are the Call Rooms?

Call rooms let you set up a one-time Gruveo call without revealing your permanent link. Unlike permanent links, room links in Gruveo don't have the @ in them. Anyone entering the same room on Gruveo, e.g. gruveo.com/teamchat, will be connected to each other. Simple as that!

Who Can Use Gruveo Call Rooms?

Gruveo call rooms are free to join by anyone without requiring a login. However, a call will not get established until a Gruveo subscriber joins the room. If the subscriber disconnects from a room call and doesn’t return, any invited callers will stay connected for another 10 minutes, after which the call will end.

When Should I Use a Room for My Call?

Call rooms are perfect for arranging quick, one-time conversations. Unlike having the other person call you on your Gruveo link, connecting in a room doesn't let them call you again. Also, setting up group calls is easier with call rooms.

See Permanent Links vs. Call Rooms for a summary of differences between permanent links and call rooms.

How Do I Set up a Call in a Call Room?

To set up a call in a call room, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your account on www.gruveo.com.
  2. On the Set up a Call page that opens, see "Option 2. Meet in a Call Room".
  3. Use the widget to generate a random room link or type your own.
  4. Click the copy button to copy the link. The link will look like this: https://www.gruveo.com/mcvtfi (note that there's no @).
  5. Paste the link in an email, a text message, a calendar invitation etc. and send it to the call participants.
  6. On the scheduled date and time, follow the link to enter your Gruveo room.
  7. Wait for the other participants to join the same way. Once there is a Gruveo subscriber (you) as well as at least one other participant in the room, the call will begin.

If you are late to a room call you organized, no worries! The other participants will be seeing a message saying "Waiting for call organizer to join" until a Gruveo subscriber (e.g. yourself) enters the room and the call is established.

The Set up a Call page in your Gruveo account lets you set up a room call with ease.

Can I Have a Custom Room Link?

You sure can! The room link widget on the Set up a Call page lets you type a custom room link. Note that the room name may only contain numbers and Latin letters, optionally separated by a dot (.).

How Can I Prevent Unwanted Participants From Joining My Room Calls?

There are two simple things you can do to ensure the privacy of your room calls:

  1. Use a different random room for each of your calls.
  2. After all the participants have connected, lock the room by clicking the padlock button in the top left of the call screen. Locking the room will ensure that nobody else will be able to join the conversation, even if they have the room link.

Do I Need to Create Rooms in Gruveo in Advance?

No. A Gruveo room automatically comes into existence once someone joins it, so you don't need to create rooms for your conversations in Gruveo beforehand. The widget on the Set up a Call page is just a handy way to create a room link; it doesn't "register" the link with Gruveo in any way, or make you the room owner.

You can use as many call rooms as you like.

Do Room Links Expire?

Room links do not expire. A link you create today will work a year from now. What matters is that all call participants click the same link to join.

An Error Message Appears When I Try to Join a Room. What Do I Do?

There are several reasons why you can't join a call room, and the solution depends on the particular message that appears on the screen. Here are the possible messages, along with explanations and recommendations:

  • "This room is currently locked." This message appears when the call organizer has locked the room to prevent further participants from joining. You can ask the organizer to unlock the room to let you join in.
  • "Room is full." The room you are trying to join is at capacity (12 participants). You need to wait for a spot to free up for you.

Why Did My Call End After 10 Minutes?

If the call organizer disconnects from a room call and doesn’t return, the call is automatically ended after 10 minutes. If the organizer returns before the 10-minute limit is up, the timer is cleared and the call can again continue indefinitely.

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