How Do I Integrate Gruveo Calls into Acuity Scheduling?

In this article, we'll teach you how to combine the power of Gruveo's easy video and voice calls with your personalized Acuity Scheduling booking page. By following these simple steps, you'll set up an automated online booking system that allows your clients to easily book and, if needed, pay for an online video or voice-only session with you. We will be showing you how to automatically generate unique Gruveo call room links for your Acuity Scheduling bookings.

Tip: Are you using a different scheduling system? Check out how you can leverage Zapier to integrate Gruveo with just about any scheduling app out there.

Here’s what you need to do to integrate Gruveo with Acuity Scheduling:

1. In your Acuity Scheduling profile, click on the Business Settings tab in the left navigation bar and choose the last option, E-mail Settings.

E-mail Settings tab in the Acuity Scheduling profile.

The Business Settings tab in the Acuity Scheduling profile.

2. Click "Initial Confirmation".

Gruveo for Acuity Scheduling - admin top section

The Initial Confirmation tab in the E-mail Settings section of your Acuity Scheduling profile.

3. Go to "Body of the email" and adjust the text as needed. Include the following text to have a one-time Gruveo room link generated automatically:

Gruveo for Acuity Scheduling - profile settings page

The room link placeholder in the Initial Confirmation email template.

4. The custom field that we're using here to generate call room links is %appointmentID%, which in Acuity Scheduling is always replaced with the numeric appointment ID and therefore works perfectly as a name of a unique Gruveo call room. This is what the Gruveo room link looks like in the booking confirmation email that your clients will receive:

Gruveo for Acuity Scheduling integration - booking confirmation email

The one-time Gruveo room link in the body of the Initial Confirmation email that your clients will receive.

5. Acuity Scheduling lets you include the Gruveo room link in all of the email types offered so you can put it into Reminders, Rescheduling and also Package/Gift Certificate Order emails. Very convenient, don't you think?

6. Hit the Preview button in the bottom to see what the finished email looks like. When you're happy with it, press the Save Template button to save your edits.

7. From now on, all your booking confirmations will include a unique Gruveo room link that your clients can use to connect to you. When the time for your appointment comes, they simply click this link and when you click it too, your session will start. Learn more about how Gruveo call rooms work.

Who Can Benefit from This Integration?

The integration of Gruveo and Acuity Scheduling is useful for anyone who offers video or voice-only consultations and wants to give their clients the option of booking sessions online. Give it a go and see what integrating Gruveo's easy video and voice calls can do for your business!

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