What Is the Selfie Mode?

All Gruveo apps include a feature called Selfie Mode which lets you see full-screen the video that comes from your camera or a screen you are sharing.

Selfie Mode is handy if you are showing a particular detail to the other call participants (e.g. a product you're selling) and want to ensure that it looks its best on the other end of the conversation. You can also use the Selfie Mode together with the "Follow my screen" recording layout to pin your presentation on the call recording you're making.

Gruveo Selfie Mode allows you to see your screen at full size.

Use Selfie Mode to ensure that whatever you are showing to the other person looks its best on the other end of the call.

Using the Selfie Mode is simple: Tap your video preview and see the picture coming from your camera (or a screen you're sharing) spanning full-screen, just like the other call participants would see it. To go back, tap the picture of any other call participant.

You can toggle Selfie Mode during a call, and also while waiting for a call to connect.

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