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How to Block Callers from Specific Countries

If you get unwanted or mistaken Gruveo calls from abroad, you can block callers from specific countries. You will not receive rings or missed call notifications for calls from the blocked countries, but the callers will still be able to leave you a message if you have the Text Mail feature enabled.

Here is how to block callers from the countries of your choice:

  1. Head to the Caller Blocking page in your account on the Gruveo website.
  2. Choose a country to block from the drop-down list and click “Add”.
  3. Repeat for any other countries that you want to block calls from.
  4. Click “Save changes”.

Caller blocking lets you easily block unwanted calls from specific countries.

To remove a country from the blocking list, simply click the red X button next to its name and then click “Save changes”.

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