How to Add Custom Branding to Gruveo

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If you use Gruveo for business or want people you connect with to know they’re in the right place, you might want to adjust your call screen to include your logo and a custom background image. With new features we’ve added in Gruveo Pro, this is something that’s really simple to do and we’ll walk you through how to set your custom branding.

  • First off, since this is a Pro feature, if you don’t already have a Gruveo Pro account, you’ll want to start by signing up for one here.
  • If you do already have a Pro account, click on your username in the top right corner of the navigation bar. Select “settings” from the dropdown menu and go to the “branding” option on the left sidebar of your account screen.



  • Alternatively, if you’re already logged into your Gruveo account, just click this link to bypass the process.
  • Once on the branding section of the account page, you’ll see places to upload a profile picture and call background. Just click the plus sign and select an image from your computer to upload.

Select the branding option from the menu at left.

The branding of a Gruveo Pro account can be changed from the user account dashboard

A screenshot of the Gruveo Account dashboard on a Pro account, where branding may be changed.

Where Will My Custom Branding Appear?

Your custom branding appears on the screen that a caller sees while waiting for you to accept an incoming call to your direct code. After you answer the call, the custom background you set will appear behind the video and text chat box for the extent of the call. Setting up custom branding on Gruveo is a great way for businesses to add instant credibility to their brand and assure customers that they’re in the right place when making a call.

The profile photo you select will appear in the very center of the call screen before you answer the call and is often the first thing a caller will see. This is an excellent place to upload a logo if you’re using a Gruveo Pro account exclusively for a business. The logo will be replaced by the video of your call once you connect and pick up the call.

The call background you select will appear as the image behind the video call and will remain on the screen for the full extent of the call. Call backgrounds are a good place to include an image that reinforces your branding or the product you sell. Consider adding a photo that echoes your corporate colors or says something about your brand. Since the background appears behind the call, the photo won’t be entirely visible, so the best call backgrounds aren’t images with a strong focal point in the center, but patterns or images that still get your point across when only the sides are visible. Selections like patterns or abstract backgrounds work best!

When setting custom call backgrounds on Gruveo, patterns and abstract images work best.

What Size Images Should I Upload to Change My Branding on Gruveo?

The profile picture on Gruveo displays as a 200px square in the center of your call screen, so it’s best to pick a photo that has the subject centered. For a Gruveo Pro account you’re using for a business, many users opt to include their logo as the profile picture. After you select a photo to upload, Gruveo will prompt you to position and size your photo, so there’s no need to crop a picture ahead of time even if it’s not a square.

For best results on all screen types, upload a JPEG or PNG at 400x400px.

The call background photo is a great place to include a photo that solidifies your brand or works with the products you sell, but shouldn’t be something that has a center focal-point, as it’ll be covered up by the call. Upload this photo at 1200x800px for best results. Gruveo will automatically resize your photo to fit the screen size of the person calling you.

How Can I Sign up for Gruveo pro to Customize My Branding?

If you don’t have a Gruveo Pro account yet, you can click here to sign up for one and change your call screen branding today. Gruveo Pro users have found that having a branded call screen helps to reinforce their brand, making them look more well-established as a company while letting their callers know they’re in the right place.

With a Gruveo Pro account, you’ll also gain access to other features designed for business, including screen sharing and extended caller context, which provides more information on the location and referral source of your calls for better understanding of your marketing and advertising ROI.

Sign up for an account today. We’re even offering a 14-day trial for awesome $1, giving you enough time to take Gruveo Pro features on a test drive and decide if they’re right for you. Click here to get started with Gruveo Pro and gain access to these features right away.

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