How to Brand Your Call Screen

Gruveo lets you set a custom logo and background image for calls on each of your permanent links. This custom branding is shown to callers calling your links as well as to yourself, throughout the call.

You can set the default branding for your account and then override the branding images for each permanent link as necessary. If a logo is not set for a permanent link, then Gruveo displays the default one. Likewise, the default call background is shown if there is no link-specific override.

In addition to branding the calls on your permanent links, you can also have your default branding apply to any room calls that your account users join. The branding is applied to the room after the call is established.

Setting Your Branding Images

Here is how to set your custom branding in Gruveo.

  • Log into your account on the Gruveo website.
  • Click the “Branding” link in the left sidebar of your account dashboard.
  • Choose the permanent link you will be setting the branding for. “Default branding” means the default branding images that will be used when no override is set for a particular permanent link.
    • When "Default branding" is selected, the "Apply the default branding to all account users' room calls" checkbox  lets you have your default branding also apply to any room calls that your account users join.
  • Click the "+" button in an image placeholder and select the image from your device to upload.
  • For the profile picture, Gruveo will prompt you to crop your image to square as needed.
  • Click "Save changes" to save the changes to your branding.

The Branding section of the Gruveo account dashboard

Where Will My Custom Branding Appear?

Your custom branding appears on the screen that a caller sees while calling your permanent Gruveo link, as well as during the conversation. The call screen on the receiving end is branded the same way, too.

If you chose to also apply your default branding to room calls, then the branding will be applied to the room after the call is established. While the participants are waiting to connect, generic call background will be shown.

Your custom branding is shown to anyone calling your permanent links, as well as to yourself.

The profile picture you select is shown in the upper left of the screen. This is an excellent place to upload your business logo.

The call background you select will appear as the image behind the call. Call backgrounds are a good place to include an image that reinforces your branding or the product you sell. Since the background appears behind the call, the photo won’t be entirely visible, so the best call backgrounds are patterns or images that still get your point across when only the sides can be seen.

The branding images stay on the screen throughout the whole call.

What Size Images Should I Upload?

The profile picture on Gruveo displays as a 125-pixel square in the top left of your call screen. After you select a photo to upload, Gruveo will prompt you to crop your photo to square, so there’s no need to crop the picture ahead of time. For best results on all screen types, upload a JPEG or PNG at 400x400 px.

The call background is a great place to include a photo that solidifies your brand or works with the products you sell, but shouldn’t be something that has a center focal point, as it’ll be covered up by the call. Upload this photo at 1200x800 px for best results. Gruveo will automatically resize your photo to fit the screen.

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