How to Share Screens in Gruveo

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If you’re a Gruveo Pro user, you’re able to share screens easily and simply during your video call by following these steps:

  • Hover over your call screen and click the screen icon that appears on the bottom left side of the call tray.
  • If it’s your first time sharing screens, Gruveo requires an extension download in order for screen sharing to function properly. You’ll be prompted to download an extension for the browser you’re using. (If you missed the prompt, you can still get the extension you need on our Downloads page.)
  • If you have multiple windows open or are using a multi-screen display, Gruveo will prompt you to select the screen you’d like to share.
  • Click “share” and begin collaborating seamlessly.

For presentations which will involve more than one document or window, we recommend sharing the entire screen, rather than just the window you initially want to display. This makes it easier to switch between several different items (ie: a PDF and a website you’d like to show). If you have items on screen which you’d care not to display, it may be best to share a single application window, which you’ll be able to select by clicking the application window tab on the screen sharing pop up box.

 After you click the screen sharing icon in the call tray, Gruveo will prompt you to select the screen or application window you'd like to share.

What Devices and Platforms Can I Share My Screen From?

Sharing your device’s screen is currently supported in Chrome and Firefox on Windows, Linux and macOS. In both of the supported browsers, you’ll be prompted to download an extension or browser add-on to enable the screen sharing function to work.

Incoming screen sharing, i.e. receiving of the screen sharing image, works across all of the Gruveo’s supported platforms without any additional steps.

Can the Person I’m Calling Share Screens with Me?

Yes, if you’re using Gruveo Pro, the person you’re calling can share their screen with you by clicking their screen share button. This will work regardless of whether they’re a Gruveo Pro user or not.

How Can I End a Screen Share?

When you’re finished sharing your screen and would like to transition back to the video of your call, simply click the screen icon in your call tray again and your call will immediately jump back to displaying video rather than the content on your screen. Ending screen sharing will not terminate the Gruveo call.

Does Screen Sharing Work With Anonymous Gruveo Codes?

Yes, the screen sharing feature included in your Pro subscription allows you to share your screen on anonymous code calls as well as incoming or outgoing calls to your direct Gruveo code. Basically, you can share screens over any call where at least one participant is on a Pro plan. Just be sure to be logged into your account when placing a call on an anonymous code, otherwise, you will not have access to your Gruveo Pro features.

How Can I Sign Up For Gruveo Pro and Begin Using Screen Sharing?

If you haven’t given Gruveo Pro a try yet, you can sign up for a $1 trial today and begin taking advantage of our screen sharing feature today. We’re currently giving our users a 14-day trial of Gruveo’s powerful business features, which also include the ability to customize the branding on your call screen and extended caller context, which provides the city and referral source on all calls.

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