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How to Share Your Screen in Gruveo

You can share your screen during a Gruveo call by following these steps:

  • Hover over the video area and click the screen share button that appears on the right side of call’s top controlbar.
  • Gruveo will prompt you to select the screen and/or the application window you’d like to share with the other call participants.
  • Click “Share” and begin collaborating seamlessly.

Click the screen share button on the top controlbar to start sharing your screen.

For presentations which will involve more than one document or window, we recommend sharing the entire screen, rather than just the window you initially want to display. This makes it easier to switch between several different items (i.e. a PDF and a website you’d like to show). If you have items on a screen which you’d rather not show, it may be best to share a single application window, which you’ll be able to select by clicking the application window tab on the screen sharing pop-up box.

After you click the screen sharing icon in the call tray, Gruveo will prompt you to select the screen or application window you'd like to share.

You can choose a full screen or a particular application window to share.

What Devices and Platforms Can I Share My Screen From?

Sharing your device’s screen is currently supported in Chrome and Firefox on Windows, Linux and macOS.

Incoming screen sharing, i.e. receiving of the screen sharing image from other call participants, works across all of the Gruveo’s supported platforms without any additional steps.

How Can I End a Screen Share?

When you’re finished sharing your screen and would like to transition back to the video of your call, simply click the screen share button in your call’s top control bar again. Ending screen sharing will not terminate the Gruveo call.

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