Can I Get Notified when Someone Joins a Call Room I'm Waiting in?

If you look to connect with someone in a call room using the Gruveo app on Android or iOS, and the other participants don’t join the call immediately, you will still be notified once they enter the room within 30 minutes. You just need to make sure you have push notifications enabled for the Gruveo app on your device.


You will be notified if someone joins a call room you're waiting in - no need to keep the Gruveo app open.

Here is how to wait for the other participants to join your room without keeping the Gruveo app open:

  1. Start a call in a call room in the Gruveo app.
  2. If the other participants haven't joined yet, the app will show a waiting screen.
  3. Send the app to background or switch to a different app on your device.
  4. Once someone joins the room you're waiting in, you will receive a notification that looks like the sample above.
  5. Tap the notification to open the Gruveo app and begin the call.
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