Using the Call Log and the Incoming Calls Report

Gruveo records the details of your account's incoming calls in a call log. The log lists all calls on your account's permanent links, including the missed and declined ones.

The call log is accessible to the Gruveo account admin. To get to your account's log, do the following:

  1. Log into your account on the Gruveo website.
  2. Click “Call Log” in the menu to the left.
  3. Optionally, select the date range you're interested in using the "Date from" and "Date to" calendar widgets.

The call log displays all incoming calls in your Gruveo account for a given date range.

The Call Log page displays the following information for each call:

  • The date and time of the call
  • The permanent link called
  • Approximate caller location (derived from their IP address)
  • Call status: answered, missed or declined
  • The user who answered the call
  • Call duration.

Exporting the Call Log

Gruveo lets you export the call log for a given time range using the CSV and Excel export buttons in the upper right of the Call Log page. The exports include all the information displayed on the page, plus these additional fields:

  • The maximum number of participants reached during the call. This would be 2 for a one-on-one call and more for a group conversation
  • How long the caller waited before the resolution, i.e. hanging up or their call being answered/declined.

Purging the Call Log

You can clear your Gruveo call log at any time. To do so, click "Purge call log" in the bottom of the Call Log page. Note that purging of the call log is an irreversible operation and it cannot be undone.

Incoming Calls Report

The Incoming Calls Report page displays key stats for each permanent link in your account for a given time period.

Use the incoming calls report to get summary stats for your account's incoming calls.

The report page displays the following information:

  • The permanent link
  • The total number of incoming calls on the link, of those:
    • Missed calls
    • Declined calls
    • Answered calls
  • Total call duration.

Just like with the call log, you can export your incoming calls report into a CSV or Excel file using the buttons in the upper right of the page.

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