How Gruveo Billing Works

With Gruveo, the amount you pay monthly is determined by the number of users and permanent links you have in your account (see our Pricing page for details).

Our billing is pro-rata, meaning that you pay for the actual number of days that a particular user or permanent link has been allocated in your account. If you add a user and then remove them 15 days later, you will end up paying only about half of the monthly user price for that allocation.

Gruveo charges you upfront for the next monthly billing period. The amount you are charged is calculated as follows:

  • The monthly price based on the number of users and permanent links you have at the beginning of the billing period
  • Plus any delayed charges for users or links allocated during the previous period
  • Minus any credit for users or links removed during the previous period.

When you allocate a new user or link with an active Gruveo subscription in place, the charge for the usage till the end of the current billing period gets delayed until the next billing date. Likewise, when you remove a user or a link (within an active Gruveo subscription), you incur a credit for the unused capacity till the end of the current billing period. This credit then goes towards lowering your next bill.

Billing Example

As an example of how Gruveo billing works, consider this scenario.

  • Jessica starts a free Gruveo trial on May 29.
  • During the trial, she adds one more user and 2 more permanent links for a total of 2 users and 3 links in her account.
  • On June 12, Jessica's trial ends.
  • On June 15, Jessica activates her subscription. She is charged $62 (2 users and 3 links) for the period of June 15 to July 14.
  • On June 30, Jessica removes the extra user from her account. She incurs a credit of $14.50 for the paid for but unused user over the period of June 30 to July 14.
  • On July 15, Jessica is charged the following amount:
    • The monthly price of $37 (1 user and 3 links)
    • Minus the $14.50 credit
    • Total: $22.50
  • On July 23, Jessica adds two new permanent links for a total of 1 user and 5 links. She incurs a delayed charge of $5.94 (2 links for the period of July 23 to August 14).
  • On August 15, Jessica is charged as follows:
    • The monthly price of $45 (1 user and 5 links)
    • Plus the $5.94 delayed charge
    • Total: $50.94
  • Jessica makes no changes to her account after August 15. On September 15, she is charged just the monthly price of $45 (1 user and 5 links).

How Do the Gruveo Charges Appear on My Statements?

The Gruveo charges appear on your credit card statements as "PADDLE.NET* GRUVEO".

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