How to Send and Receive Text Messages While on a Gruveo Call

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Sometimes while on a call, you’ll want to send a link or message to the person you’re connecting with. This is extremely simple to do using Gruveo’s in-call text messenger.

How to Use the Text Messenger on Desktop:   

If you’re connecting on Gruveo using one of our supported desktop browsers, the text messenger will appear to the right of your call screen. Once the other person has connected to the call, you’re able to type out and send messages using this panel. If the other person hasn’t connected to the call yet, the messenger will be disabled until they do.

The Gruveo text messenger on desktop


How to Use the Text Messenger on Mobile:   

When using the Gruveo iOS or Android app, the text messenger is hidden in the call tray by default. To send a message tap anywhere on your screen to bring up the call tray. Afterwards, tap the messenger icon on the right side of the call tray and type away!


Will My Text Chat Be Saved?

It’s important to note that the full contents of your Gruveo text chat will not be saved after your call is disconnected. Gruveo never saves any of your personal information from a call. If you’ve jotted down something important or would like to save something the other person on the call sent to you, we recommend copying and pasting the contents of the chat to a word processor or other program outside of Gruveo.

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