How to Use the In-Call Text Chat

While on a Gruveo call, you may want to send a link or a text message to the other call participants. This is extremely simple thanks to Gruveo’s in-call text chat.

To show the text chat, click the chat button in the call control bar in the bottom of the screen. Note that you won't be able to send or receive any chat messages until your call is actually connected.

Click the chat button in the control bar to open the text chat panel.

Once the chat panel is shown, click the message input field and type your message. Click Send to share it with the other call participants. It's that easy!

How Do I Know If I Have New Messages If the Chat Panel Is Closed?

When you receive a chat message during a Gruveo call but the chat panel is closed, you get a red dot on the chat button indicating that you have unread messages. Click the button to show the text chat and mark any new messages as read.

Can I Save My Text Chats?

Your Gruveo text chats are discarded after your call is disconnected. However, you can have a log of your chat emailed to you after each Gruveo conversation. Here is how to enable this feature:

  1. Go to your account’s Notifications and Messages section on the Gruveo website.
  2. Check the checkbox that says “Receive chat history for every call via email”.
  3. Click “Save changes”.

Be aware that email is not a secure communication channel so we do not recommend using the chat log emailing feature for sensitive communications.

You can receive chat logs for your Gruveo calls straight to your email inbox.

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