Permanent Links vs. Call Rooms

Permanent links and call rooms represent two ways to set up a call on Gruveo, each with its specifics and intended use.

A permanent link works just like a phone number. Anyone clicking it gives you a call that you can answer or decline. Permanent links can route calls among multiple representatives and support call queueing. Just like with a phone number, a person who has your permanent link can call you any time.

Call rooms let you set up one-time, disposable conversations. A person who has a room link cannot call you directly, just join the room. The call will not get established unless you join the room, too.

The table below summarizes the differences between these two approaches.

Feature/QualityPermanent LinkRoom Link
Works like...A phone number. The caller calls, you answer the call.A link to a chat room where all participants meet.
(note the @)
(no @)
Is free to createNo, see PricingYes
You get real-time notifications about...Incoming callsOther participants joining the room you're waiting in (Gruveo mobile apps only)
Lets the caller reach you any timeYesNo
Belongs to a particular Gruveo accountYesNo
Supports call queueingYesNo
Supports call screen brandingYesYes*
Lets multiple participants joinYes**Yes
Lets the caller leave you a messageYesNo


* Call rooms can be branded with your account's default branding. The branding appears after the room call is established.
** Even though you can set up group calls on a permanent link, call rooms are generally more convenient for this purpose.

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