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How to Enable Booking of Gruveo Calls with

It couldn’t be easier for your clients to schedule Gruveo calls with you at your personal booking page using This integration of Gruveo and brings all of the benefits of Gruveo’s hassle-free video and voice calling to your appointment scheduling system. We’re going to teach you how to set it all up, so read on…

Tip: Are you using a different scheduling system for your bookings? Check out how you can leverage Zapier to integrate Gruveo with just about any scheduling app out there.

Before we start, we should say that this guide assumes your page is already up and running. We will be showing you how to automatically generate unique Gruveo call room links for your bookings.

gruveo for - edit profile

To set up Gruveo call bookings, go to the Edit profile section in

1. Go to the Edit Profile section of your page, specifically to the Afterwards tab.

2. You will probably want the Gruveo room link to be included in the Calendar event and the Email to user of the booking process. While you can include it anywhere you like, we’ll show you how to place the link in these two most important messages.

3. In the Calendar event, insert the following link into the Booking description of the event:{REF-NO-DASHES} makes it very user-friendly and leaves this description completely customizable so you can formulate the action as “Your Gruveo call link:” or “Click here to start the session:”, or anything you want. The important part is that the Gruveo link ends with the {REF-NO-DASHES} placeholder, which is automatically replaced with the booking reference number to create a unique Gruveo room link.

4. In the Email to user settings section, insert the following text into the Text section of the email:

Gruveo call link: <a href=”{REF-NO-DASHES}”>{REF-NO-DASHES}</a>

Remember,  it is important to insert the whole <a href=”{REF-NO-DASHES}”>{REF-NO-DASHES}</a> code. If you don’t, the link will not be clickable, and contacting you will no longer be as simple as “one click on a link” for your clients.

Gruveo and integration - confirmation email

You need to include the Gruveo call link in the Text of the Email to user.

5. Click the light green Save now button in the upper right corner of the profile.

gruveo code in confirmation email

A Gruveo room link in a booking confirmation email.

6. From now on, all your booking confirmations will include a unique Gruveo room link which your clients can use to connect to you. The link will also appear in your calendar with all the other booking details, ready to be clicked to connect you with your client when the time for your appointment comes.

Who Can Benefit from This Integration?

The integration of Gruveo and is useful for coaches, advisers, consultants and anyone who is seeking to offer video or voice consultations online. You will be delighted by how easy this integration is to setup, and for your clients to use!

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