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How to Integrate Gruveo with is an online scheduling system that allows you to include a Gruveo call link in your appointment confirmations. This makes scheduling of online video or voice calls with you a breeze. Best of all, with Gruveo, your clients don’t need to create an account or install software to reach you!

Tip: Are you using a different scheduling system for your bookings? Check out how you can leverage Zapier to integrate Gruveo with just about any scheduling app out there.

The integration offers you two options for scheduling Gruveo calls. supports one-time Gruveo call rooms as well as Gruveo links for more permanent access. This way you have full control over the level of accessibility each of your clients gets. We explore both options below.

Include a One-Time Room Link into Your Appointment Confirmations

With the one-time room link option, your client can only reach you at the time of the appointment scheduled through The call link is unique to that particular appointment and clients won’t be able to call you outside of the allocated time slot.

Here is how to make automatically generate a unique Gruveo room link for each of your appointments.

  1. Go to your admin interface in, click on Settings, and then Email and SMS settings. and Gruveo integration - navigation panel

    The navigation panel of your account.

  2. Find the emails called:
    • Client’s booking confirmation template
    • New booking confirmation for service providers
    • Reminder template to clients
    • Reminder to providers
  3. In each of these four templates, locate the text that says  “Appointment code: [code]“.
  4. Change the text “Appointment code: [code]” to “Please click the following link at the time and date you booked to start the video appointment:[code] and Gruveo integration - new appointment confirmation settings

    A booking confirmation template with a room link placeholder.

  5. When the time for your appointment comes, both you and your client simply click the link to enter the Gruveo call room, and your call starts. and Gruveo integration

    A appointment confirmation email with the generated room link.

Include Your Gruveo Link in Your Appointment Confirmations

When you want your client to be able to reach you whenever they need, you can include your Gruveo link in your communications. In this case, the process is mostly the same as it is for a call room, except for step 4. Instead of inserting a room link placeholder, put your full Gruveo link – e.g. – in the confirmation template.

You may decide to provide your Gruveo link to the clients that have reserved a specific product from your portfolio, while the rest will receive a one-time-access room link.

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