What Is Extended Caller Context in Gruveo Pro?

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If you’re using your Gruveo Pro subscription for business purposes, you’ll be happy to know that Gruveo provides extended caller context. This feature is excellent for marketing and advertising attribution and allows you to see a caller’s location down to the city and website they were referred from. (Gruveo Basic only allows you to see state or country-level caller location and doesn’t display the referral website.)

Where Does This Information Appear?

When you are logged into your Gruveo Pro subscription and receive a call to your direct code, the call screen displays the city the call is originating from and the website on which the caller clicked your direct code link.

Gruveo Pro now includes extended caller context

How Can I Use This Information?

Gruveo Pro users find extended caller context useful in identifying the locations and websites where their advertising and promotions are paying off. For instance, if you’re a realtor and you begin receiving calls referred from Zillow after placing your Gruveo direct code link in your profile, you’ll know that your profile is effective in driving new business. Similarly, if you find yourself receiving calls from a particular city in your service area more often than others, you might assume that your print advertising in that area is paying off, or the demographics of the area are more suitable for your offerings.

In all, Gruveo Pro’s extended caller context helps business people better understand the customers who are responding to their ads and link placements, which provides actionable information about what’s working and what’s not.

How Can I Sign Up for Gruveo Pro to Receive Extended Caller Context?

If you don’t have a Gruveo Pro account and would like to get one to begin making use of the marketing data that extended caller context can provide, sign up for an account here. Gruveo offers a 14-day trial of Pro for $1 so you can feel free to sign up and try out our new, powerful features for businesses, which also include screen sharing and the ability to customize your call screen to better reflect your logo and brand.

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