What Are Direct Gruveo Codes?

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Direct Gruveo codes are custom, dedicated Gruveo codes that allow users to own a single place on Gruveo to make and receive calls. Think of a direct code as your personal video phone number on Gruveo; a single place where clients, friends and family can always reach you instantly. Get one now.

How Do Direct Codes Differ from Anonymous Codes?

If you’ve been a loyal Gruveo user for a longer length of time, you’re probably familiar with calling on anonymous codes. The original anonymous Gruveo codes are good for connecting with someone instantly after agreeing on a disposable Gruveo code for one-time use.

On the request of our users, we have also created a more permanent type of code on Gruveo, the direct code. Direct codes are great for reserving a code for business or personal use and provide a consistent place where people will always be able to reach you, just like a phone number, domain name or email address.

Once you register a direct code, no one else can register the exact same code, so if having a Gruveo account dedicated to your business name is something that interests you, we’d recommend you register a direct Gruveo code right away. Direct codes are popular and going fast!

When someone clicks on your direct code link or puts it into Gruveo, they'll instantly be able to call you.

Since a direct code is permanently yours after you register it, place your direct code around the web so people can get in touch with you instantly.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Direct Code?

Direct codes are a great way to use Gruveo in a more permanent way. Paired with incoming call notifications, which you can set up in a snap, your direct code will allow you to receive a notification on your desktop or phone anytime a friend or client is trying to get in touch with you. They eliminate the hassle of having to email or text the person you want to connect with to agree on an anonymous code. All-in-all, direct codes are just an awesome way to have a more permanent and established presence on Gruveo.

When a call comes in to your direct code, you can receive a browser notification to pick it up

If you enable incoming call notifications, you can receive an alert anytime someone tries to contact you using your direct code or link.

How Can I Reserve a Direct Code or Custom Gruveo URL?

Reserving a direct code is easy:

  • Head over to our signup page
  • Create your username
  • Enter your email (in case you ever lose your password and need to get back into your account)
  • Set a password.

Direct codes always begin with an @ symbol and can consist of any alphanumeric code you want, up to 250 characters long. We recommend keeping your direct code short to make it easier to post and give out.

Once you have a direct code, you can have someone enter the code in Gruveo or you can send them a link to call you directly. For instance, a link for a direct code would look something like www.gruveo.com/@username.

After you reserve your direct code, be sure to set up incoming call notifications so you’ll always know when someone is trying to contact you. Share your direct code anywhere you think someone might want to use it to reach you, like on the contact page of your website or on your social media profiles.

Are Direct Gruveo Codes Free?

Yep, direct codes are totally free and always will be. What’s stopping you? Sign up for one right now.

How Can I Get More out of My Direct Code?

Direct codes are awesome on their own, but if you’re looking to use Gruveo for business use and need to share screens or change the branding on your call screens to reflect your business, consider giving Gruveo Pro a whirl. It’s built for business and power users of Gruveo, so we know you’ll love it. Plus, we’re giving away 14-day free trials of Pro. Sign up and test out a more powerful Gruveo here.

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